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collection de lunettes ULTRA LIMITED été 2019

19 avril 2019




February 2019. Ultra Limited – the eyewear brand that turned uniqueness, artisan craftsmanship and color into its own design philosophy – returns to Mido to present the new SS 19 optical frame and sunglasses collection.


One of the main innovations for the forthcoming season regards the Regular Edition, the iconic line that traditionally showcases the brand’s distinctive mix of colors. This collection will feature frames combining acetate and metal for the first time, true masterpieces of artisan craftsmanship resulting from an advanced R&D process. In fact, the thicknesses required to insert the iconic Ultra Limited multi-layer acetate within metal frames could only be identified through the accurate selection and in-depth study of different material combinations. The result is three amazing combo frames – Albarella, Foggia and Latina – which further expand and diversify the brand « historic » product line.


The Profili Edition line of frames launched at Mido 2018 – featuring a monochrome acetate sheet in the central part front, color-coordinated with the temples to create an exquisite contrast with the blend of hues on the outer part of the rims – will include six new frames, spanning from optical frames to sunglasses, with unique details that reinterpret the line original concept. Bold shapes, metal inserts and clip-ons showcase utter confidence and feature the trendy transparent hue for the first time, while remaining true to the brand iconic mix of colors.


And that’s not all. Mido 2019 will in fact mark the debut of the brand new line of frames, made with proprietary Memory Flex material. The result of extensive research, this innovative material is much stronger than acetate, and therefore can be used to create details otherwise impossible to achieve.  Moreover, as implied by its name, this material has « memory », meaning it will retain its original shape, will not shrink or undergo any sort of change, and is extremely flexible thanks to its nylon fiber content. Last but not least, this material is fully hypoallergenic, and will not absorb moisture.

Extraordinary creativity and high-tech characteristics combine within the new Memory Flex collection by Ultra Limited, to provide a unique product that ensures excellent performance.


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collection de lunettes KOMONO hivers 2018

9 octobre 2018




Blink and you’ll miss it. Breathe and it’s already gone.

The moment that your vision shifts from blurred to sharp, the moment everything comes into focus.


KOMONO takes a serene approach to prescription frames for Fall/Winter 2018. Inspired by architectural structures and the ‘less is more’ concept, the new Opticals collection is all about clean lines and design.


With a lightweight and minimalist modern aesthetic, the Elementary Collection grows with new stainless steel frames with a bold stripped-back vibe. KOMONO showcases their innovative interpretation of trends and shapes in the brand-new Olivia and Raphaël styles. Other interesting additions are the unisex models Conrad and Yoko, both round frames with strong identity.


For those that prefer acetate, the new Opticals collection features gentle colorways like natural and earthy hues that, reflecting the “True Colors” approach to the season, exude calm confidence



For more information about KOMONO, please visit






nouveau directeur marketing de BLACKFIN Simone Favero

11 septembre 2018


Août 2018 – Pramaor, l’entreprise d’Agordo (Belluno) spécialisée dans la production de lunettes en titane haut de gamme de la marque Blackfin, annonce que Simone Favero a été nommé au poste de directeur marketing, directement rattaché à Nicola Del Din, administrateur délégué.

« Nous vivons actuellement la troisième phase de Blackfin. » – commente Nicola Del Din – « Nous avons le produit et nous lui avons donné une âme en racontant notre histoire. À présent, notre objectif va encore plus loin avec un travail global sur la marque pour obtenir un design de plus en plus sophistiqué et une image plus coordonnée. Je suis certain que Simone sera une précieuse ressource au sein de l’équipe de Blackfin et qu’il nous aidera à relever le défi. »

« Blackfin est une entreprise jeune et dynamique, dont je partage les valeurs et l’enracinement dans le territoire. » – explique Simone Favero – « Je me suis senti, naturellement et totalement, sur la même longueur d’onde que Nicola, Giancarlo et toute l’équipe. Je suis heureux d’apporter mon bagage d’expérience dans cette troisième phase de Blackfin ; je pense que le moment est venu de mettre la barre encore un peu plus haut, et d’atteindre ainsi, grâce au travail et au dévouement de l’équipe, tous les objectifs que nous nous sommes fixés. » 

Favero, 35 ans, a acquis des expériences similaires dans le domaine du marketing et de la communication pour différentes entreprises, dont Standex International et Calzaturificio Scarpa Spa. Le jeune manager aura donc pour mission la coordination du travail de l’équipe dans les domaines de la communication et du marketing visuel et associé, dans le but de contribuer au parcours de croissance et de renouvellement de la marque au niveau mondial.


Simone Favero

Blackfin / Looking Beyond. Always. directeur marketing 

collection de lunettes FLEYE Copenhagen

10 septembre 2018
When frozen flowers inspire eyewear design
August 2018

Press release: Flowers captured and photographed in melting ice blocks led to new shapes and colors in Fleye’s AW 2018/19 collection « Flowers of Denmark ». Fleye is introducing 41 new frame designs in a wide color range.

Fleye Copenhagen creates eyewear with an appreciation of Scandinavian design and culture. Fleye’s campaigns are closely aligned with their Danish heritage featuring a modern twist. For their latest campaign, Fleye has found inspiration in Flora Danica – an iconic collection from the 18th century of all plants in the kingdom.

Creative processTaking a fresh look at the subject, the design team has created their own floral portraits using flowers, trees, and shrubs often seen in the Danish nature. In order to set the right mood for a Winter campaign and bring more depth to the floral portraits themselves, the creatives decided to freeze flowers in ice blocks. The frozen water in the photographs enlarges and distorts the shape of the flowers, creating an interesting 3-dimensional effect.

“Our idea was to emphasize the plants and illustrate their intrinsic qualities, just like the iconic Flora Danica illustrations from the 1700s, only doing so from a very new perspective. In these still-life images, taken by photographer Ida Emilie Risager, lies the inspiration for the rich and dense frame colors as well as the structures and layerings in our newest eyewear. ” – Annette Estø, Head of Design

The captivating pictures led to deep frame colors, wild patterns and  bold yet light shapes on 41 new frame designs.

collection de lunettes spéciale Silmo par OKO by OKO

3 septembre 2018








zOOm SUR LA LUNETTE métal NY25 collection NEW YORK



Cette collection New York (NY) porte bien son nom puisqu’elle s’inspire de courants cosmopolites et pluriculturels à l’instar de cette ville souvent décrite comme « la capitale du monde ». 

Elle s’inscrit parfaitement dans l’ADN de la marque OKO by OKO « créateur de lunettes pour tous » dans une démarche de démocratiser la « world optic » c’est-à-dire de rendre la lunette créateur accessible à tous et partout dans le monde !

Entièrement fabriquée en acier ciselé, cette lunette est un concentré de finesse, de légèreté et de confort. 

FOCUS sur le modèle NY25, au look rétro, élégant, intemporel, universel et très tendance qui séduira les femmes en recherche d’un style épuré, créateur mais distinctif.

OKO by OKO Paris – créateur de lunettes pour tous depuis 1999 – good design for good people.

Pour voir l’ensemble des coloris de la gamme NY25, rendez-vous sur le site

OKO PARIS LUNETTERIE – 94/96 rue Victor Hugo – 94200 IVRY S/SEINE – FRANCE

Tél. +33 (0)1 45 15 27 27 – Fax. +33 (0)1 45 15 27 25




collection de lunettes OGI été 2018

28 août 2018

New Frame Added To Ogi Collection


MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Summer is the season for new ideas and fresh concepts. This is reflected directly in the 7169.


Ogi Eyewear proudly presents the 7169, a playful juxtaposition of acetates in a flattering angular shape. Laminated acetate comes together with designer pops of color on the edges and temples for a modern look. The 7169 steals the show with its flattering and contemporary expression of color that Ogi is known for.




Ogi counter cards, frame stands, and banners are available upon request.

collection de lunettes KID by OKO

19 juillet 2018

Kid By Oko Bd


Chez Kid’OKO 



La collection optique enfants KID’OKO du groupe OKO PARIS Lunetterie présente deux modèles enfants combinés acétate et métal qui feront de leurs porteurs les reines et les rois de l’école ! Pour les petites filles de 4 à 8 ans, modèle KidQUEEN, et pour les petits garçons de 4 à 8 ans, modèle KidKING ! God save the KIDS !

Deux modèles au design créateur et aux couleurs acidulées.  Pour se démarquer, pour être stylé !

Des petits bijoux fabriqués en Italie pour un design chic et ludique et toujours reconnaissables grâce à la petite tortue OKO gravée sur les embouts de branches. 

Les montures sont inédites et singulières, aux détails soignés, et non des réductions des best-sellers pour adultes. Elles intègrent d’ailleurs des verres rehaussés, techniquement adaptés à la morphologie des jeunes porteurs.

Une bonne alternative pour tous les enfants qui ne se retrouvent pas dans les thèmes et les personnages qu’on leur propose et qui veulent se différencier de leurs camarades dès leur plus jeune âge. C’est d’ailleurs le leitmotiv de la maison, marquer sa différence ! 

Le modèle KidQUEEN est décliné en 4 coloris : Ecaille sur Prune ; Violet sur Parme ; Ecaille sur Rose ; Rouge pourpre sur Rouge vif.

Le modèle KidKING est décliné en 4 coloris : Noir ; Ecaille sur Bleu ciel ; Dégradé de bleus sur Bleu marine ; Violet sur Parme. 

metro velo 1 facebook

OKO PARIS LUNETTERIE – 94/96 rue Victor Hugo – 94200 IVRY S/SEINE – FRANCE

Tél. +33 (0)1 45 15 27 27 – Fax. +33 (0)1 45 15 27 25



collection de lunettes SUPREFLEX KIDS

21 juin 2018



“Express Your Colorful Self”



An explosion of energy and cheerfulness lies at the heart of the new Superflex Kids collection. Color is the main inspiration accompanied by eye-catching details such as funky patterns, special textures, glitter elements and bold contrasts, which make for a fun fashion statement for kids of all ages. Designed with real kids in mind, all Superflex Kids models are constructed with spring hinges for extra durability, comfort and fit.



For the boys, the 8 new styles (3 stainless steel, 4 combo and 1 acetate) all have a sporty, casual look and emulate dad’s fashion choices with vibrant, trendy colors.


Styles SFK-189, SFK-195 and SFK-200 are spirited stainless steel frames featuring two-tone coloring. Creating an eye-catching contrast, the secondary coloration is applied to the raised laser cut patterns of the temples: racing stripes for SFK-189, herringbone for SFK-195 and linear matrix stripes for SFK-200. In style SFK-189 a thin line is engraved along the browline and finished in the same contrasting color of the temple pattern.


Model SFK-191 combines a stainless steel front with acetate temples featuring a surprising new “twist” lamination where the acetate is rotated to showcase its back side highlighting the triple coloration and the stripe detail.


Beveling along the front and the end pieces gives a layered look to the triple laminated acetate of style SFK-193, which is enriched by double metal pin dots at the end pieces and temples for a retro feel.


For the young professionals, styles SFK-187 and SFK-197 give a modern twist to classic shapes. With a rounded square shape and a dropped bridge, SFK-187 combines matte and translucent shaded acetates while square style SFK-197 features two-tone coloring and molded temples.


With a retro inspired modified square shape, model SFK-201 comes in a triple laminated acetate. It features metal inlay arrows at the end pieces and the temples that are molded after traditional 50’s style to complete the vintage feel.





For the girls, the Superflex Kids 2018 collection features 10 new on-trend styles (3 stainless steel, 1 combo and 6 acetate) that focus on feminine colors, patterns and details to please the younger fashionista.


SFK-188, SFK-190 and SFK-199 are stainless steel frames that play with two-tone coloring and exclusive patterns: while SFK-188 and SFK-190 feature temples laser etched in floral and geometric design, temples of SFK-199 are highlighted by 3D printed in different vine and flower patterns for a textured feel.


Combination model SFK-203 showcases a square shape with an uplifting metal front in striking color tones. Acetate temples are brought to life in a multi-color polka dot pattern that is sure to catch attention.


The vintage round shape of SFK-186 reflects one of 2018’s biggest eyewear trends. It is modernized by a translucent acetate front and multi colored tortoise temples showcasing an eye-catching sophisticated palette.


Also featuring the popular round shape is model SFK-202. With a super cool gradient acetate and glitter on the top to match the translucent acetate on the bottom, this frame has been conceived to make any girl sparkle.


Style SFK-192 is a combination of super cool details: a glitter acetate is matched with bright colors and original patterns, from cross match plaid to zebra stripes to sketched floral design, creating the perfect accessory for the girl that wants to rock the playground.


Style SFK-194 is front and center with a fun quadruple laminated acetate featuring a laser cut down pattern on the temples to reveal the contrasting colors in a floral decoration.


The modified square eyeshape of model SFK-198 has a gentle upsweep which creates a flattering, feminine profile. The temples feature a fun two-tone polka dot pattern that matches perfectly with the smokey acetate of the front.


Rounding out the collection with its unmatched glamorous style is model SFK-196, a distinctly feminine acetate frame that combines a candy color front with confetti glitter temples: every girls’ dream frame!





For more information about Superflex Kids, please visit


collection de lunettes BARBERINI SILMO 2017

26 septembre 2017



Sun shines all the year round thanks to the new Barberini Eyewear proposals!

The sunglasses that will be presented at the Paris Exhibition match trendy design with technical excellence, heralding at the same time the birth of Photopolar lenses. These lenses combine polarization and photochromism, two extremely functional characteristics stemming from the R&D of the leading company in the production of optical glass lenses.

These lenses will be available in three versions, one of which is a world premiere, since it ranges from category 3 to 4. The latter category includes the darkest possible lenses, usually used in high mountains or in conditions of very high solar radiation and for this reason forbidden when driving. The peculiarity of these lenses – which is that of remaining clearer inside the car – allows Barberini sunglasses to be worn in this context as well.

Photopolar lenses are matched with both technical frames and lifestyle models.

EXPLORER BR160908: amber shaded blue cat. 3-4 Platinum GlassTM Photopolar lenses which fit into an injected matt black aluminium frame. A sporty and wraparound taste for a more dynamic use.

LUNA BR161105: sapphire shaded grey cat. 2-3 Platinum GlassTM Photopolar lenses which are enhanced by an opaque black acetate frame. Facetted profiles and key-shape bridge.

SATURNO BR160509: shaded gray silver cat. 2-3 Platinum GlassTM Photopolar lenses which are set, as they were jewels, in a metal and matt black acetate frame. Classic drop shape restyled in order to obtain a more contemporary appeal.

Barberini Eyewear sunglasses, 100% made in Italy with the best materials, are designed to highlight the excellent optical quality of glass lenses, all made of Platinum GlassTM, namely the best existing optical glass. Its main features are:.

– chromatic equalization, obtained by the addition of Rare Earth Elements – oxides capable of exalting colours for a perfectly contrasted visual rendering;
– exceptional UV protection that goes beyond the UV100% standard. By definition all our lenses are UV400;

– multilayer anti-reflection;
– oleophobic and hydrophobic treatments.

The collection offers not only polarized and photochromic lenses, but also with infrared (IR) protection. The collection is also available with monofocal or progressive prescription lenses with the widest colour choice in the market.

Eyewear for Spect-Actors



For any further information:

collection de lunettes KOMONO FW17

5 juillet 2017




KOMONO, the Belgian watch and eyewear brand known globally for its unique perspective on design details and quality production, has introduced its Core and Crafted sunglasses collections for Fall/Winter 2017.


For its FW17 collection, KOMONO explored the extraordinary landscape of Iceland, the land of fire and ice where volcanoes erupt under glaciers, rugged terrain shelters tranquil rivers, and crystal-clear ice rests on shores of black sand. A land of mystery and powerful beauty, Iceland is a country brimming with captivating contrasts that reflect nature’s fascinating paradoxes. These mysteries have inspired the Fall/Winter 2017 Core sunglasses collection. Featuring mountainesque color palettes as well as fire and ice color contrasts, this collection showcases a modern design sensibility and awe-inspiring aesthetic, reflecting Iceland’s solitary landscapes. These vistas are the perfect setting for premiering KOMONO’s new eco-conscious NEUTRØ Series.

The NEUTRØ Series

The epitome of stylish sustainability, the new NEUTRØ Series combines carbon neutral technology with eco-friendly, durable and well-designed materials to offer a new spin on four classic KOMONO styles: Francis, Vivien, Harper and Devon. Each style features flexible, shock-resistant frames and gradient bio lenses, ensuring optimal comfort. The collection is available in two colors: Sand and Black.

The Finley and the Hollis

Light to the touch but heavy in style, the four-piece Finley & Hollis capsule series features stainless steel frames and temples finished in two sophisticated colors: Black Matte and Silver Boutique. Divided into two styles – double-bridge frames and classic retro – the Finley and the Hollis reflect modern and contemporary design at its finest.

The Memphis Metal Series

Classic meets contrast in the Memphis Metal Series, featuring dramatic red and blue matte finishing with yellow gradient lenses. The Memphis Metal Series takes inspiration from the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech. Owned by designer Yves Saint Laurent, the Jardin Majorelle is a lush botanic oasis whose vivid colors and striking architecture are rendered across three distinct styles – Clement, Vivien and Francis. The Memphis Metal Series is a nod to aesthetic versatility and bold design.

The Rose Quartz Series

Borrowing from its namesake stone, the Rose Quartz collection evokes love, feminine strength and fertility. A warm translucent pink frame is complemented by a cool translucent turquoise temple, bringing harmony and contrast to the Vivien, Lulu and Coco styles, as well as the all new Phoenix model.