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nouvelles collections de lunettes E-9137 et E-9138 par EVATIK’s

21 décembre 2016

VATIK launches styles E-9137 and E-9138

Focusing on the use of materials in original and interesting ways, EVATIK’s new models E-9137 and E-9138 feature unique combinations of design elements and quality materials. The perfect balance between understated style and lightweight comfort make them the ideal accessory for today’s fashion savvy man.


With a retro inspired eye shape and a mixed material composition, model E-9137 will delight the stylish man in pursuit of originality. The stainless steel frame is remarkably thin and accentuated with high-density acetate with a smoky striped pattern on the front and back. The contrasting finishes combined with the mysterious patterns of this beautifully designed frame make it an edgy fashion accessory. E-9137 is available in earthy hues of Grey, Brown and Blue.


Style E-9138 is sure to offer a high impact look for any occasion. The stainless steel rectangular frame is combined with an adventurous pop of color on the acetate temples, adding a sporty look to a contemporary silhouette. With a larger eye size designed to accommodate bigger faces to perfection, model E-9138 is available in dynamic colorways of Navy Blue, Grey Lime and Black Red.

EVATIK is produced by WestGroupe; for more information please visit or

collection de lunettes XAVIER GARCIA hivers 2016

15 décembre 2016


Xavier Garcia for Autumn-Winter 2016-17 adds three new designs to the SKIN collection. The metal family Structures continues to experiment and complete the offer with new vintage styles and retro moods: metal foils called « skins » create unique designs that are full of character and energy.
The Structures family – inspired by minimalist architecture – is expanding with the models JANET, JOANA and LAREDO.

JANET is diligent and refined. She stands out for her energetic high-heeled stride and the gentle scent of exotic flowers and spices that wafts behind her as she passes by. She never takes the lift (this is her secret way of staying in shape). A 50s-style cat-eye (Ø54) shape with the half rim that makes the model light while the low-rising frame allows the “skins” at the top to highlight her expressive eyebrows.

JOANA is her opposite: punctilious and generous. She loves entertaining guests and everyone knows she makes a great hostess. She treasures the dozens of skirts in her wardrobe, painstakingly mixing and matching them every day. Her greatest indulgence: carrot cake. A shape that combine design large round rims (Ø52) where the outer “skin” emphasises the top of the frame, making it big, slightly feline and with a distinctly retro styling.

The latest model LAREDO is robust and peace-loving. He looks tough on the outside, but is soft and gentle on the inside. His broad vocabulary reveals his passion for knowledge. He is a jazz lover and enjoys watching black and white movies. Characterized by the large rectangular shape (Ø57) where the “skins” reinvent the classic design of JFK-style combination glasses.
Xavier Garcia collections express traditional values blended with elements of contemporary style; in fact, the brand sculpts and remodels the eyewear classic shapes with modern technologies and workmanship. Wearability, colours, subtle nuances, deconstruction and reconstruction are some of the key words associated with the Spanish brand.

Each piece of eyewear becomes a piece of art, set apart by artistic experimentation with size and proportions. All the creations by Xavier Garcia are eminently comfortable; they fit in with urban life, are unmistakable and always sure to turn heads.

Xavier Garcia – Character Barcelona.

collection de lunettes KOMONO suite

13 décembre 2016


The SS17 Crafted Collection is a perfect blend of pure balance, architectural vision and depth of detail. For Spring/Summer 2017, Komono continues its exploration of luxury, craftsmanship and design with a line of 15 impeccably finished pieces of eyewear. The new collection includes both fine Italian acetate frames and featherweight metal proposals, all complemented by meticulous and refined construction: precision hinges and immaculate build quality that reflect Komono’s commitment to design and style. The SS17 line consists of classic Crafted frames, five new styles – The Shaun, The Damon, The Alex, The Gilles and The Luca – and a number of new color variants such as The Monroe with purple rain lenses.


The Shaun
The Shaun is a geometric anomaly stuck somewhere between round, square and octagonal. Rendered in handcrafted Italian acetate, the Shaun is available in black forest, black, tortoise and champagne.

The Damon
Distinct and dashing from every angle, the new Komono Crafted Damon frame is perfection perfected. The Damon’s handcrafted Italian acetate frame perches perfectly on the nose while its polarized lenses provide
perfect protection. The Damon is available in tricolore, champagne, black and tortoise demi color variants.

The Alex
With aviator dna and its Komono craftsmanship, the Alex is a neutral new addition to the SS17 Crafted Collection. The stainless steel frame, precision hinges and Italian acetate tips give it a premium finish while white gold, silver black, black green and purple rain colorways make it his or hers.

The Gilles
The Gilles is a premium, unisex frame. The handcrafted, Italian acetate frame is mated to a stainless steel bridge, referencing contemporary and vintage styling. Available in black, black tortoise, tortoise and ivory demi.

The Luca
The Luca is a perfectly balanced exercise in size, shape and style that takes cues from classic frame styles and enhances them with contemporary styling and Komono flair. Rendered in fine handcrafted Italian acetate and handsomely appointed in an elegant palette of color – black, black marble, black forest, indigo demi and tortoise – the Luca is a premium expression of precision.


For more information about Komono, please visit

collection OGI EYEWEAR 2016

30 novembre 2016

Bon Vivant’s Adele and Marius: Semi-Rimless, Completely Stylish

MINNEAPOLIS—Bon Vivant, known for distilling the essence of French fashion, is excited to welcome two new semi-rimless models to its collection of architecturally inspired eyewear. The Adele and Marius demonstrate a fashion-forward interpretation of a timeless aesthetic—and display tremendously rich and sophisticated coloration.

Bon Vivant is committed to designing frames that appeal to connoisseurs of art and aficionados of high fashion. Reimagining luxury style with an artistic touch, each Bon Vivant frame is carefully handcrafted—from the finest materials, and with the most exacting standards.

Bon Vivant designs luxury eyewear, inspired by the cultural marvels found in Paris, for cosmopolitans that know how to live well. The Adele, a new arrival to the collection, is a feminine semi-rimless combination pair that has been handcrafted in Italy from stainless steel and the finest Mazzucchelli acetate. Bon Vivant’s signature detailing—a delicate metal trim piece—is visible from the front and profile of this model, available in four brilliant color options.

A classic semi-rimless optical frame that adds a dash of sophistication to the contemporary professional’s attire, the Marius bolsters the Bon Vivant collection with a stylish selection of masculine color options. The metal trim decor is a mark of distinction for the line, crowning the luxury status of this pair. With adjustable nose pads and temple tips, capped in acetate and embossed with Bon Vivant’s iconic circular emblem, the Marius unites unrivaled style and uncompromising comfort. This is a must-have design for the modern cosmopolitan man.

Bon Vivant banners, counter cards, photo frames, and pillow top displays are available upon request.

collection de lunettes BUDRI EYEWEAR 2016

18 novembre 2016


October 2016 – Budri, the leading Italian company worldwide renowned for its original marble craftsmanship, launched at Silmo its first eyewear line. A tribute to lightness and a pioneering development in the use of marble: this rare, exquisite material becomes a wafer-thin surface, shaped by skilled craftsmanship and fine technologies to create a luxury eyewear collection with a perfect fit.

The original, unconventional idea came about, almost by magic, in August 2011 in the Budri atelier during the production of Nat|f|Use – the collection created in collaboration with the designer Patricia Urquiola. A piece of marble was dropped by accident and the shape of the resulting fragment resembled a pair of glasses. This heralded the start of an increasingly ambitious, bold and sensational challenge: to forge marble into a wearable accessory and to make it technically suited to accommodating plano and corrective lenses.

Budri presented the first prototypes early in 2014, making it the precursor of a trend in the eyewear industry, which is increasingly turning its attention to the potential use of unusual, innovative materials. In the same year a devastating earthquake struck the entire district to the north of Modena, delaying the project that had been enthusiastically promoted and supported by Gianmarco Budri. In the months that followed he therefore devoted his energy to rebuilding the company and getting the eyewear project back on track, combining Budri’s outstanding workmanship with the know-how and genius of designer Valerio Cometti, as well as the expertise of some of the biggest names in the eyewear industry.

After two years of painstaking research, culminating in the in-house development of a specific production technology, Budri launches its exclusive and revolutionary collection of prescription and sun eyewear created in marble, onyx and semi-precious stones.
Each frame is made from a single slab of stone, meticulously selected directly in the quarry and analysed with the aid of a next-generation scanner in the Budri workshop. The selected portion of marble undergoes a sophisticated milling-cutting process to produce a solid convex piece, from which the shape of the glasses frame is cut.

The next phase is the shaping of the front and the temples, which are both assembled with a specially developed carbon fibre core. Once the lens housing has been created and optimised, the production process is completed with a logo applied to temples, finished with resin coating then assembly with high-precision torx screws, traditionally used in high-end watchmaking, and finally a special nanotechnology coating that makes the surface antibacterial and oleophobic.

The Budri Eyewear Collection comprises five models whose names are a clear tribute to the art of Italian sculpture and its greatest exponents: Donatello, Bernini, Michelangelo, Canova and Palladio.
Proposed in nine varieties of marble from the world’s finest quarries, including Amazonite from Patagonia, Portoro from the gulf of La Spezia and precious Lapis Lazuli from South Africa, the five shapes are available in the sunglasses version and two are also available in a prescription version.

The creations take inspiration from classic, iconic eyewear models: the aviator style, the cat’s-eye model outlined by ’50s divas, the square model with keyhole bridge, the round shape and the mask model are all creatively reinterpreted in marble. Each model can be uniquely personalised thanks to a range of exclusive finishes – Brillante for a glossy effect, Seta for a matte version and Tempo for an intriguing textured effect – coupled with the luxury small hardware made in the four nuances of matte black (black PVD), yellow gold, rose gold and platinum.

The sunglasses offering is completed with a distinctive range of lenses of a superior optical quality that guarantee outstanding performance, like NXT photochromics and ultra-trendy lenses in multicoloured nylon which pair beautifully with the different shades of marble.

Every Budri Eyewear model encapsulates Italian manufacturing excellence, the precision of the company’s masters of inlay and technological innovation, which characterise production procedures and finishing. A designer object that represents know-how, an age-old art and skill that are so significant as to transcend fashion and trends.

nouvelle collection de lunettes FYSH UK

15 novembre 2016

FYSH UK Fall 2016 Collection

FYSH UK launches 7 new styles for Fall 2016 that effortlessly merge the latest trends in eyewear with the hottest looks seen on the fashion runways. A key inspiration for this season’s collection came from the innovative and unique ways that individual elements of design can be combined to produce a final result that is interesting, fresh and new. Whether it is the mixing of materials, finishes or patterns, the result is a collection of eye‑catching styles that are as unique and original as the women who wear them.

F-3559 is an interesting twist on a retro-inspired design. Contrasting with the oversized eye shape, the ultra-thin, high density acetate in multi-colored pastel hues appears light, modern and fresh. Capitalizing on the current trend of mixed material, a thin, silver metal inlay wraps around the acetate front providing a unique design element. F-3559 is available in a color palette of Green Confetti, Rainbow Confetti, Blue Confetti and Lavender Confetti.


F-3560 is a combination frame featuring a beveled, stainless steel front with thin, triple laminate handmade acetate temples. The deep, rich color palette is perfect for the fall season and captures many of the hues highlighted in the fall 2016 Pantone color picks. Available colors include Brown Gold, Purple Rose, Turquoise Blue and Black Cherry.


The mixing of patterns and solids was the focus for FYSH UK models F-3561 and F-3564. Inspired by the New Romanticism trend seen on the fall fashion runways, both models feature two-tone coloring combined with a baroque accent pattern on the front and temples.

F-3561 is a sexy, feminine cat-eye with the baroque pattern applied on the temples and scalloped edge, providing an interesting twist on color blocking. The rich, matte tones on the front are reminiscent of velvet, which is a key fashion trend for fall 2016. F-3561 is available in Cherry Orange, Violet Green, Teal Rose and Black Sky.


F-3564 has a more angular eye shape with the baroque pattern applied on the upper corners and temples. A bold accent color introduces color blocking to the design. F-3564 is available in Brown Aqua, Cherry Orange, Purple Charcoal and Teal Orchid.


F-3562 amps up the drama of this cat-eye shape with a triple laminate acetate and a pressed pattern along the brow and temples. The subtle touch of glitter on the front and temples adds glamour to the style. F‑3562 is available in hues of Ombre Tangerine, Ombre Teal, Ombre Blue and Ombre Purple.


The centerpiece of the FYSH UK fall collection is model F-3565, a sexy cat-eye shape with a modern, angled silhouette. Constructed from translucent acetate interwoven with metallic thread, F-3565 mixes quiet luxury with a techno edge. Each color has a different pattern which provides a unique look to the model. With metallic hues popular in both fashion and eyewear, F-3565 is sure to be a best seller. Colors include Crystal Gold, Crystal Silver, Crystal Rose and Crystal Black.


F-3566 introduces a modern take on the classic cat-eye. The flattering brow line gives this retro shape a futuristic twist while the increased depth provides a touch of glam. Ultra-thin, high density acetate provides for a clean, modern silhouette, while the silver metal inlay highlights the multi-colored handmade acetate and provides an interesting hardware design element. F-3566 is available in a color palette of Black, Tropic Mauve, Tropic Brown and Tropic Green.

FYSH UK is produced by WestGroupe; for more information please visit or

Nouvelle collection de lunettes solaires HACKETT

19 août 2015

The lenses, the spring hinges, the acetates; every gram of each Hackett Bespoke Sunglass has been carefully crafted using only the finest parts, materials and techniques. Whilst colouration is classical, the styling is never old fashioned. The fit is immaculate, the finishes impeccable; this is great British eyewear at its most authentic.

2015 will see the launch of the first Hackett UTX sunglasses. HSB838 as worn by Jeremy Hackett on the catwalk features graduated faded acetate with a retro nod. With this new innovative UTX technology, Hackett Bespoke Sun offers the finest acetate frames on the market today. 30% lighter than normal and half the thickness of a regular frame, weighing only a few grams meaning more comfort and leaves no marks. .

Introducing new lightweight silhouettes combined with vintage inspired eyeshapes as seen in HSB835, details are authentic with real riveted hinges and metal endpieces. Each handmade frame is fitted with anti reflective reverse coated lenses for a flawless finish..image image image

Nouvelle collection de lunettes optique par HACKETT

18 août 2015

One thing Hackett prides itself on is never compromising on style, and the new SS15 Bespoke UTX Optical collection is certainly a visual treat. The finest handmade acetates, authentic metal riveted hinges and carefully crafted finishes have been combined to create the new modern classics.

From sandblasted matte finishes layered with gloss interiors to rich honey tortoiseshells and contrasting navy fronts in HEB146, all feature that final flourish with custom Union Jack hidden trims.

Drawing inspiration from timeless tailoring, every piece represents sophistication and luxury while maintaining the very essence of British tradition; vintage styling comes together with classic panto eyeshapes and handcrafted amber and olive horn acetates in HEB148 finished with a touch of gentlemanly charm.

Invest in ageless style with eyewear that’s sure to see you through the season.image image image

nouvelle collection de lunettes solaires enfants BUTTERRFLY par ZOOBUG

2 juillet 2015

the ZOOBUG SUNGLASSES collection 2015. Butterfly is a sophisticated fashion shape for girls, handcrafted in acetate and available in 5 gorgeous on-trend colours. Polarised grey tinted lenses (UV400 +Cat 3) will ensure your child’s eyes are protected from the sun’s rays.

BUTTERFLY01_097080 BUTTERFLY02_098081(1) BUTTERFLY06B_099085
Colours pictured: New Royal Blue, Purple and New Mint. Also available in Pink and Black Scribble.

For more information about ZOOBUG’s line of high quality sunglasses, designed for children, visit

nouvelle collection de lunettes MYWOODI

30 juin 2015

MyWoodi, wooden eyewear for everyone.

Manufactured in Italy, using wood from around the world,
MyWoodi eyewear features a clean, linear style that is ultra-modern and extremely cool.
The light, playful and totally tasteful wooden eyewear is priced aggressively, placing it within range of everyone’s budget.
Featured in the first collection are 12 styles – 5 sun wear and 7 vision wear –
in 6 different types of wood and colors.
Composed of eight layers of wood, their exciting chromatic nuances are fresh and fashionable.
Sixty processing phases, 15 of which are carried out by hand, yield a feather-light product that weighs in at
13 grams (less than half an ounce).
An invisible side hinge completes the whole.

berlin_02_def las-vegas_02_def las-vegas_02_front_def MyWoodi-Image02_final roma_02_def tokyo_02_front_def

MyWoodi, wooden eyewear for everyone. MyWoodi is part of WooDone Eyewear.