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lunettes ELBLOCK

4 juillet 2017





The Cadore eyewear company is pointing “to share” on the web, 

with to goal to win optics and final consumers 

In a society that moves ever faster, even the communication becomes “dynamic”.  For the launch of the sun-clip frames – which will be available in stores from September 2017 – EBLCOK  will rely on an alternative campaign:  a “story telling” that animates a short video.  Thirty-second of pictures to tell, at the same time, a story and the essential of a brand:  coherence, research and seriousness, supported by  the great know-how of the company –Som Eyewear –  that claim over 40 years of activity in the frames industry. The brand has benne able to contaminate the tradition with technological innovations, giving to the collection a contemporary breath. So, sophisticated shapes, the importance of the materials and the expressive effectiveness of the colours, blend into a unique “expertise”. An eyewear with a double soul:  “citizen” in the aesthetics and “mountain” in his soul, that maintains its personality in the city but doesn’t forget its roots.

The video –which will be shared in the social on June the 21st,  first summer day – will tell all this, with a fresh and immediate language, to conquer a young and dynamic audience. The protagonist is a classical hipster – a modern bohemian, conscious and unconventional, original but not overbold. He is attentive to details, he loves simple, linear shapes, fluid designs; just EBLOCK frames. Hi is a “Messanger”, a modern Ermes, he breaks into traffic to complete his mission, just to deliver a message. He wraps  it up then takes his bike and goes, hi reaches his destination and someone opens the door……….(to find out how it goes, just connect to the social profile of the company:


The “call to action” towards the consumer? The cool and fascinating images have the goal to capture ones attention and encouraging to comment. Who will comment – through a messenger – will receive a personalized message, a phrase of luck and, in turn, will tag other people who will receive the good wish  message. The power of detail and imagination will support the strength of the video itself: it will thus create an addicted community of Eblock.


The Social Campaign and the video have been designed and made by Larin Group