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nouvelle collection de lunettes de la marque MOSCOT

26 novembre 2014


MOSCOT has added a precious new addition to the family, introducing, The Jewel Tone Collection! Debuting just in time for the holiday season, The Jewel Tone Collection features fan favorites, The LEMTOSH, HYMAN and MILTZEN in beautiful Jewel Tone colors, Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby.

Jewel Tone Holiday Graphic PM

modèle de lunettes Hommes modèle ALIUM par FACE A FACE

9 septembre 2014


La face des lunettes ALIUM est découpée dans un bloc d’aluminium, métal deux fois plus léger que le titane. Leur branches Flex, composées de pièces exclusives très techniques apportent une élasticité de fonctionnement unique tout en maintenant une tenue très douce de la lunette sur le visage : Le confort est incomparable.

La gamme ALIUM R a été dessinée dans un esprit très sport, lignes profilées et tenons pliés.

La préparation des faces en aluminium a nécessité une véritable prouesse technologique consistant à évider les tenons dans leur épaisseur pour permettre l’ajustement des faces au visage des porteurs.

Les palettes de couleurs et de finitions des deux gammes sont résolument contemporaines, voire d’avant-garde. D’aspect gomme, satiné, ultra mat, ou métallisé…les coloris sont toujours forts, masculins.

Haute valeur technique, style moderne et très masculin, confort exceptionnel, les lunettes ALIUM de FACE A FACE sont désormais à l’avant-garde des collections homme.


FaceaFace_Alium1_colAN959 faf_aliumair2-9620

Nouvelle collection de lunettes de la marque IC!BERLIN été 2014

8 septembre 2014

ic! berlin summer collection 2014
Mirror mirror, on the wall, who is the shiniest one of all?

ic! berlin welcomes the sun with our favourite sunglasses, remixed for summer 2014. Shine bright with mega-shine mirrored lenses in gold, silver and crimson, electrified readers and chic new hybrid colourways.

This summer ic! berlin mixes colours and textures as fan favourites Fahrlehrer Klaus and Nameless 2012 get remixed with mirrored lenses, rough acetate and camouflage temples. The summer lovin’ continues as Raf S gets electrified in green and light blue with new crimson and silver mirrored lenses.

fahrlehrer_klaus_ghetto_havanna_rough_gold_mirrored_1_4 nameless_2012_black_rough_silver_mirrored_3_2 mamadi_electric_turquoise raf_s_electric_light_blue_silver_mirrored_6_7 S3_rummelsburg_black_white_black_to_grey_1020x729px S25_tegel_Sun-Gold_Obsidian_Black-to-Grey-_1020x729px S42_wedding_obsidian_black_to_grey_1020x729px

nouveaux modèles de lunettes solaires UMBRO, BOB L’EPONGE et DORA L’EXPLORATRICE par NOUVEAU EYEWEAR 2011

22 décembre 2011


An autumn filled with news for Nouveau Eyewear! After wowing the audience at Silmo with innovative, colorful collections that are consistently on track with their target market, the US company is once again a star player on the international eyewear industry scene, as it presents the new sunglasses in the Nickelodeon and Umbro collections.

For the younger set, innovations in the sunwear line revolve primarily around the SpongeBob SquarePants  (5-12 years), the most famous sponge in the world, and Dora The Explorer (4-7 years) the bright, curiosity-driven 7-year-old explorer, brands. The Nickelodeon collection – the brand owned by MTV Networks, a division of Viacom International Inc., the number one multi-media platform in the world for kids from 2 to 16 years – satisfies adults and children with the colorful, safe styles enhanced with polarized lenses to protect young wearers from damaging UV rays as they pursue their daily adventures.  If new, playful color combinations are style-makers for the SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora The Explorer brands, that doesn’t mean the US company fails to offer products that are carefree and innovative.  These sunglass models are a versatile accessory that combines acetate and soft rubber, providing safe wear and style. Each pair of eyewear bears a reproduction of its namesake cartoon character, and has a special protective coating to ensure the utmost safety for the wearer.

Color and cutting-edge materials are the keywords that identify the new sunglass styles from Umbro, historic brand with long-standing ties to the world of sports. Designed to appeal to a male target between the ages of 16 and 40, Umbro eyewear guarantees the wearer an attractive, bold look, certified by the double diamond logo on every pair.  Innovations that mark this collection tell the story of spectacles with an eye to the future, through the use of innovative combinations of materials and winning tints in shades of green, yellow and white. Innovation, yes, but also style and extreme wearability. The new sunwear styles guarantee excellent wearing comfort, thanks to the temples engineered in TR 90 and the light-weight fronts, essential and minimal in their linearity, for a discerning blend of technology, sporty looks, and style, with the genial refinement of Italian design.

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Nouveau Eyewear invité au cérémonie de l’anniversaire de Nelson Mandela en Juillet 2011

11 septembre 2011



28th July 2011- Already on its second year of activity in South Africa, the Bona Bolo (literally “see the ball”) non-profit campaign, promoted by Nouveau Eyewear in collaboration with Essilor (who supplied lenses) and Myoptics (exclusive distributor of Umbro and Nickelodeon frames in South Africa), has received a special invitation to Nelson Mandela’s birthday that will be celebrated on 28th July 2011. After having reached amazing results offering over 2000 complete visual screenings to children of several villages, Bona Bolo staff will be proud and honored to be included among the special guests of this event. Bona Bolo volunteers will conduct eye screenings on orphaned and vulnerable children hosted and cared by Nelson Mandela Children’s fund, keeping on making its contribution to the lives of  South Africa’s youth.

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les nouvelles collections enfants de la marque Nouveau Eyewear

6 juillet 2011


June 2011

Summer has just begun but SpongeBob Squarepants, Dora The Explorer, and Go Diego Go! are already preparing for back-to-school. Nouveau Eyewear is offering opticians colorful collections designed for kids that, along with inventive, fresh POP materials, will turn their shops into a spectacular world full of imagination.

Rulers, pencils, pens and notebooks, as well as eyewear that is safe and tested, lead to success in the classroom. The American company boasts more than 25 years of experience in the eyewear industry, and is well aware of the importance of ensuring that even the youngest school kids have high-quality eyewear, that’s fun to wear but also makes learning easier during lesson time.  This is exactly why the back-to-school campaign crafted by Nouveau Eyewear aims not only to introduce the Nickelodeon line of productsbut also wants it to be a reminder to parents of the value of regular vision checkups for their children (it has been shown that up to 12 years of age, 80% of learning takes place through vision). This vital lesson takes place at the optician’s shop, where a selection of frames from the Nickelodeon collection is sure to guarantee the young wearer a widely acclaimed brand, one their parents can trust completely. SpongeBob Squarepants, Dora The Explorer, and Go Diego Go! are owned by MTV Networks, a division of Viacom International Inc., the world’s leading multimedia platform for kids from 2 to 16 years.

SpongeBob Squarepants is the most famous sea sponge in the world! The ophthalmic collection is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 12, and features combined materials, precise graphics and functional elements. Brilliant, lively colors inspired by the marine world are paired with insightful technical details, like the dual action hinges on the temples, that ensure long-lasting wear on every pair.

Dora The Explorer, the bright, curious 7-year-old heroine who, alongside her young playmates, leaves no adventure unexplored, is the uncontested star of back-to-school girl power for 2011. The ophthalmic collection, designed for the 4 to 7 year-old market, is crafted in metal, acetate and combined materials for the perfect combination of function and style, thanks to the use of colors like white, pink, blue and the more “sparkling” shades of red and green.

Diego Marquez, a popular, sensitive 8-year-old Latino boy with a spirit for adventure and a scientific mind, personifies the Go Diego Go line! The eyewear collection is made up of 10 brightly-colored styles that combine cheerful hues of red, orange, and blue with durable spring hinges, to ensure the countless daily adventures of their young wearers are lived in absolute comfort.

Equipped with a special protective coating, all Nickelodeon styles are complete with the images of their cartoon characters on the outside of the temples and come with their own custom SpongeBob Squarepants, Dora The Explorer, and Go Diego Go! caseFor back to school 2011, Nouveau Eyewear is also giving each of its young wearers colorful pencil cases, to carry the essentials for a bright school year!




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Nouveau Eyewear nouvelle collection de lunettes Nickelodeon avec les lunettes Linz

20 juin 2011


Following the recent participation in Abióptica, the Brazilian eyewear fair based in Sao Paulo, the American company, Nouveau Eyewear, wrapped up a marketing agreement for the Nickelodeon collection with Linz Eyewear, a well-known local distributor fully established in the area thanks to an efficient spread-out network of 20 agents nationwide.

The Nickelodeon collection is cheerful, colorful and lively with its Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants and Go, Diego, Go! brandsThe collection addresses the market for children between 3 and 12 years old with these beloved cartoon characters known around the world. All brands offer sunglasses and prescription eyewear made of combined materials, non-allergenic and with a special protective coating to ensure maximum safety for the wearer. In particular, the Dora the Explorer collection, designed for preschool girls, skillfully combines style inspired by the latest fashion trends, with delicate nuances of white, pink and light blue as well as brighter tones of red and green. The SpongeBob SquarePants and   Go Diego Go! lines offer bright-colored two-tone frames, including durable spring hinges and shapes inspired by eyewear for adults.

Every single frame features the character image along with colorful, creative graphics, allowing children to become part of the fun world of Nickelodeon.

The collection will be officially launched during the Sunglasses Business Data Point show, which runs from August 21 to August 25, 2011 in the elegant setting of the Club Med Rio da Pedras, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Lunetterie Parisienne va distribuée les lunettes enfants Dora The explorer de la société Nouveau Eyewear

14 juin 2011


Présence déjà affirmée sur le territoire français avec la marque SpongeBob SquarePantsNouveau Eyewear continue à gagner des parts de marché grâce à la récente acquisition de la licence de distribution exclusive pour les lignes enfant Dora The Explorer et Go Diego Go! La commercialisation de la collection sera suivie par le distributeur français Lunetterie Parisienne. Les marques Nickelodeon sont propriété de MTV Networks, une division de Viacom International Inc., la plateforme multimédia numéro 1 à l’échelle mondiale pour les 2 – 16 ans.

Lunetterie Parisienne distribuera ces trois collections qui ont ravi le jeune public français grâce à leurs lunettes de soleil et de vue très coloreés, réalisées en matériaux combinés, parfaitement anallergiques et à la mode mais aussi complétées par le monde amusant de Nickelodeon.

SpongeBob SquarePantsl’éponge marine la plus aimée par les enfants du monde entier, offre une collection complète – lunettes de vue et de soleil- conçue pour un public de 5 à 12 ans. Design et fonctionnalité sont à la base des modèles de lunettes de vue qui combinent des couleurs très vives inspirées par le monde marin avec des détails d’une grande fonctionnalité comme les charnières des branches latérales incluses dans chaque modèle. La ligne de lunettes de soleil propose des modèles d’inspiration “teenager” et  assure aux enfants une mine adulte et une protection totale des rayons UV nocifs. Les verres polarisés et en polycarbonate de la collection de lunettes de soleil répondent à des normes qualitatives internationales très pointues.

Dora The Explorer, héroïne de 7 ans brillante et curieuse, passionnée d’aventures en compagnie de ses jeunes amis, sera la protagoniste des nouveaux modèles très colorés de lunettes de soleil et de vue, conçus pour un public typiquement féminin de 4 à 7 ans. La collection de lunettes de vue, réalisée en métal, acétate et matériaux combinés, associe parfaitement des détails d’une grande fonctionnalité à des nuances délicates comme le blanc, le rose, le bleu clair et à des couleurs plus vives comme le rouge et le vert. La ligne de lunettes de soleil propose des modèles d’inspiration adulte réalisés selon les dernières tendances mode, mais développés dans des couleurs bigarrées et amusantes en double ton. En outre, tous les modèles de lunettes de soleil sont en mesure de garantir une protection totale des rayons UV nocifs grâce à l’utilisation de verres polarisés certifiés conformément à des normes qualitatives internationales très pointues.

Diego Marquez, un enfant latino-américain de 8 ans, sympathique et sensible, ayant l’esprit d’aventure et une grande curiosité scientifique, sera l’image de la ligne de lunettes Go Diego Go! La collection de lunettes de vue, composée de 10 modèles très colorés, associera aux nuances joyeuses que sont le rouge, le orange et le bleu, des détails d’une grande fonctionnalité comme les charnières des branches latérales adaptées pour accompagner, en tout confort, les jeunes protagonistes dans leurs mille aventures quotidiennes. Le divertissement continue avec les 6 modèles de lunettes de soleil développés dans des couleurs bigarrées en double ton et surtout en mesure de garantir à l’enfant une protection totale contre les rayons solaires.

Chaque paire de lunettes, complètement anallergique et recouverte d’un revêtement spécifique de protection, reproduit le personnage du dessin animé sur la face extérieure des branches, et le boitier coloré coordonné permet à l’enfant une véritable immersion dans le monde amusant de Nickelodeon.

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Action humanitaire de la société de lunettes Nouveau Eyewear en Afrique de Sud 2011

7 juin 2011





Launched exactly one year ago, and sustained by the enthusiasm for the 2010 World Soccer Championship held in South Africa, the Bona Bolo (literally “see the ball”) campaign has reached the amazing goal it set out to accomplish: 2020 South African children in 2010 were given a complete visual screening and all those found to have refractive errors were given the possibility to receive SpongeBob or Umbro frames and corrective lenses.

According to Faith Chabedi, former president of SAOA (South African Optometry Association) and coordinator of the Bona Bolo campaign, in an area where 80% of the population is without health insurance and many children suffer from uncorrected refractive disorders and other vision conditions, a charitable effort to aid and inform, like the one promoted by Nouveau Eyewear immediately gained widespread acceptance and has made a difference in the lives of thousands of people, especially in rural and semi-rural areas where the less advantaged members of the community are located.


Many volunteers contributed to the successful outcome of the project, including ophthalmologists, eye specialists, optometrists, students, managers and teachers and, with the help of SAOA (South African Optometry Association), Myoptics (exclusive distributor of Umbro and Nickelodeon frames in South Africa), and Essilor (who supplied lenses), they carried out an intense outreach program to raise awareness and convince both youth and grown-ups to have their eyes examined at the aid centers.

Throughout 2011, the Bona Bolo campaign – whose team was presented with an award of merit by the eyecare division of the Limpopo Department of Health for the excellent work accomplished so far – will continue its efforts to make new screenings available to the people of South Africa, on its way to scoring a major goal in the field of prevention and vision care.

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nouvelle collection de lunettes Nouveau Eyewear 2011

12 mai 2011


The positive feedback received during two of the major international eyewear events – Mido and Vision Expo East in New York – put Nouveau Eyewear well on course to successfully pursue its expansion process and distribute its collections to new pivotal markets.

Following the spectacular results of the two international exhibitions, Nouveau Eyewear, an American company that for more than 25 years has been distributing innovative quality frames, managed to win over fifteen new markets in Latin America, Australia, Europe and India, thus strengthening its foothold in some 56 countries around the world.

The ability to offer collections designed for different target clienteles, yet able to satisfy all functional and aesthetic needs, allowed Nouveau Eyewear to meet with the approval of a highly diversified audience, by focusing on a perfect blend of colors and materials that enhance each style in their own unique way. This is especially true of the Umbro and Nickelodeon lines. These lines, which reflect the perfect marriage of quality and product design, were center stage at the recent industry events, thanks to the introduction of the Umbro Diamond Collection and the Go, Diego, Go! children’s line.

The innovative Umbro Diamond collection, including 10 new styles of sunglasses and prescription glasses, delivers eyewear, which is a skillful blend of technology, sporty mood and style, enriched and perfected by Italian design. Designed to target men between 16 and 40 years old, the new sunglasses and ophthalmic frames artfully convey the right balance between fashion and practicality to ensure the wearer a stylish and sporty look. With a range of colors accented with shades red, blue, green and orange, the Umbro Diamond collection is a perfect complement to one’s face because of its sidepieces in injected rubber that ensure the frame will fit securely on the face. In addition, the new styles were made with safe and light materials such as acetate, stainless steel and carbon fiber that, because of their features, give the eyewear a casual look.

The quality of the new Umbro collection is further emphasized by the iconic double-diamond logo on all styles.

The younger audiences greeted with great enthusiasm the launch of the new Go, Diego, Go! collection, with Sponge Bob Square Pants and Dora the Explorer, at the international Nickelodeon network, the world’s leading multimedia platform for children between the age of 2 and 12.

Designed with color in mind, the new line, geared for children between 3 and 7 years old, includes 10 prescription glasses and 6 sunglasses all made of combined materials such as acetate and metal, completely hypoallergenic and with a special protective coating to ensure maximum safety for the wearer. The prescription line combines cheerful shades such as red, orange and blue, with very practical features, the likes of temple hinges, to provide members of the younger generation full comfort during their many daily adventures. The fun continues with sunglasses available in a variety of two-tone colors, most of all to guarantee children complete protection from harmful UV rays with polarized lenses. Every single eyewear bears on the sidepieces the image of the cartoon hero, allowing children to become part of the fun world of Nickelodeon.

Nouveau Eyewear offers its customers a wide range of dedicated materials, from the case to the
lens-cleaning cloth, coordinated with the customized cardboard boxes to meet the needs of a growing number of important distributors of prescription frames and sunglasses worldwide.

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