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lunettes OGI EYEWEAR 2018

11 décembre 2018

November Selects from Ogi Eyewear



MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Ogi Eyewear welcomes brand new additions to both the Red Rose and Seraphin family with exclusive frames made for a fashion forward state of mind.


Cahill – Seraphin

Dainty or dark, you decide the story with the Cahill. Sharply crafted for a crisp look, neoclassic design finds a home here with boldly contrasting accent colors. This practice breathes life into the Cahill, almost as if completely alive.


Wellsley – Seraphin

With smoky acetate interworkings throughout, the Wellsley is a spectacle of intrigue. Upon closer inspection, delightful details come to light, like the double cast bookend hinge with accented adornments. Available in a set of matured color tones, the Wellsley sparks so much more than conversation.


Tivoli – Red Rose

The Tivoli is a classic concept born again. Brought to life by immaculate stainless steel, this P3 style captures simplistic beauty from all angles. Ultra lightweight and built to last, the Tivoli takes a page from a timeless book, holding an aura of sophistication throughout.


Viterbo – Red Rose

A nod to the debonair and any who choose the Viterbo, this finely tuned brother of the Tivoli breathes individuality. The inner nylon detailing brings attention to the subtle P3 shape. The accented temple tips truly personalize the Viterbo and complete this fully cohesive style.




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collection de lunettes OGI EYEWEAR Ogi 9121 Ogi 3134

3 mai 2018

The Ogi 9121 & 3134


Ogi continues its rich tradition of statement making styles and bold color options with additions from its latest release.


The 3134 is a sophisticatedly understated pair that utilizes a larger frame shape and dual materials to create an attractive, ultra wearable masculine style. Its soft-square silhouette is comprised of beautifully marbled acetate and accented with subtle stainless steel temple detailing that adds a contemporary touch.


The 9121’s delicate, cat-eye silhouette is accentuated with a muted, yet eye catching palette of pastels. Transparent touches of acetate, amongst a primarily translucent body, beautifully accent this perfectly balanced pair.

collection de lunettes OGI EYEWEARS hiver 2017

19 janvier 2018

Winter 2017: Settle in with Bon Vivant


MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Bon Vivant, Ogi Eyewear’s brand of affordable luxury eyewear inspired by the art and architecture of France, will be releasing a new collection of fashion-forward frames this winter — lead by the Bruno and Isabelle. Presenting progressive European flair, opulent acetate, and cosmopolitan touch, Bon Vivant is known for its fine style. The Bruno and Isabelle represent the brand’s commitment to creating ornate designs alongside sophisticated concepts.



The sturdy silhouette of the Bruno’s handcrafted acetate and prominent hinge detailing brings forth a sense of bold confidence and practicality. Showcasing signature Bon Vivant styling in four timeless earth tone shades, this pair is a perfect choice for the everyday wearer looking to make a statement.



In a striking cat-eye shape, the Isabelle emerges into the Bon Vivant Collection with style and grace. Beautiful faceted peaks add a touch of unique, French architecture-inspired glamour to this feminine frame. With an underside of glimmering acetate shining through at the peaks, this unforgettable style is sure to turn heads.



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nouvelle collection de lunettes OGI EYEWEAR

18 septembre 2017

Emerging Trends: Minimalism Reimagined by Red Rose


MINNEAPOLIS, MN—Building upon a rich heritage of minimalistic design, Red Rose is teeming with excitement to announce the arrival of its Fall 2017 lineup. This collection showcases a whole host of new styles that utilize revolutionary high-density acetate and industrial-quality stainless steel. Headlined by the Carrara and Diamante, these models blend classic silhouettes with contemporary colorways, and achieve a sleek and simple aesthetic with subtle details and original components. Reimagining optical solutions for the modern minimalist, Red Rose’s Fall 2017 collection introduces timeless eyewear that responds to an emerging desire for considered design with a pared down look.


The Carrara

This fiercely feminine cat-eye frame features a softly-upswept silhouette handmade from translucent high-density acetate—an ultra-lightweight material with extreme durability. The Carrara’s pastel colorway incorporates some of the season’s coolest hues, including Aloe Green and Rose Dust. Stainless steel temples with a crosshatched pattern add visible texture, while adjustable tips—wrapped in acetate and capped with the iconic Red Rose emblem—elevate the comfort and style of this contemporized vintage-style frame.


The Diamante

The latest P3 frame introduced by Red Rose, the Diamante was masterfully designed with simplicity in mind. Carefully handcrafted from sturdy high-density acetate, this scholarly style has a keyhole bridge—a definitive mark of intellect—and a round silhouette with a defined, squared-off edge. The textured stainless steel temples are attached with minimalistic rolling hinges that feature a screwless construction. This must-have model comes in a sophisticated colorway, too, led by Adriatic Teal and Crystal.



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collection de lunettes OGI EYEWEAR 2017

12 avril 2017

Innotec: The Future is Now

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—Innotec, a paradigm-shifting line of ultra-light eyewear, is set to fortify Ogi’s strong spring collection with three revolutionary, soon-to-be-released styles: the Sawyer, Lennox, and Carden. Uniting cutting-edge materials and the most on-trend shapes, these models from Innotec make up an energetic trio—and serve as the perfect series to propel you into spring. Delivering standout style in a featherlight construction, the Sawyer, Lennox, and Carden are sure to make a statement in the new season.


This fashion-forward and ultra-light pair of optical frames is exemplary of Innotec’s innovative approach to eyewear design. With an extremely durable construction of futuristic TR-90 surgical plastic and sleek metal silhouette rings, the Sawyer revolutionizes modern style. The soft angles of this impeccably handcrafted unisex frame are flattering to an assortment of face shapes. The Sawyer’s colorway, versatile and attractive, ranges from classic Tortoise to bold—but not brash—Burgundy, Grey, and Navy.



The Lennox by Innotec is the capstone of the brand’s sterling spring lineup. This frame is defined by its sleek metal silhouette rings, which have been inlayed in TR-90 surgical plastic—a perfect pairing offering cool and considered appeal while pushing the boundaries of design. Handcrafted in Japan with the most demanding standards, the Lennox’s crisp rectangular shape is best suited to round faces. Try Tortoise/Antique Silver for a timeless look, or Flint Grey/Evergreen for on-trend style.



Innotec’s Carden is a technologically advanced frame with a classic, sophisticated look about it. This pair has been meticulously crafted into an iconic cat-eye shape—a vintage-inspired design that never gets old. The metal silhouette rings—one of the season’s defining trends—is set against ultra-lightweight TR-90 surgical plastic, making an interesting point of contrast and adding to its modernized-classic aesthetic. The Carden is available in a variety of colors, including the coveted Crystal/Antique Gold.


Innotec banners, counter cards, and logo blocks are available upon request.

collection de lunettes de la marque OGI EYEWEAR 2017

7 mars 2017

Red Rose Introduces New High-Density (HD) Acetate Spectacles

At Vision Expo East (VEE) 2017, Red Rose will release the Bianchi and the Milan, both of which provide superior strength and style in an ultra-lightweight construction of high-density (HD) acetate. This new material allows for a slender profile and even more resilience. Representing a step forward in optical design, the Bianchi and Milan take minimalism, Red Rose’s guiding philosophy, to the next level.


The Bianchi is a vintage-inspired cat-eye frame that has been masterfully handcrafted in Italy from high-density acetate—meaning that it’s slimmer and stronger than eyewear made from other acetates. This original model from the beloved Red Rose collection also features stainless steel temples, with a double bar construction, in accent colors that complement four feminine frame front color options. Unique trim décor provides the Bianchi with luxury detailing, while OBE screws offer a level of durability that is simply unmatched in minimalist eyewear



Renewing a classic style, the Milan unites the iconic round frame spectacle with modern high-density acetate from Italy—so it offers superior strength at a fraction of the weight of other acetates. The keyhole bridge is a badge of intellect, while stainless steel temples feature a double bar construction, reducing weight and imbuing this smart pair with unique luxury appeal. Adjustable temple tips, embossed with Red Rose’s iconic emblem, ensure a perfect fit all day long. The Milan is available in four colorations, from bold Azure Ripple and Crimson to classic Tortoise and Black.


Red Rose banners, counter cards, logo blocks, and mirrors are available upon request.

collection de lunettes SERAPHIN EYEWEAR 2016

22 novembre 2016

Fierce Fall Fashion: Seraphin Releases New Feline-Inspired Styles
MINNEAPOLIS, MN—Seraphin, the designer of neoclassical eyewear that reimagines iconic optical style, has released three new models that exemplify the collection’s nuanced form of modern styling: the Belmont, Sibley, and Vermillion.

With a veritable museum of frames already to its name, Seraphin looks to capture the attention of optical connoisseurs with imaginative riffs on a classic shape: the cat-eye, perennially popular among highbrow booklovers and high-fashion aficionados alike.

This trio of original, feline-inspired frames will build upon the brand’s rich tradition of design excellence and place the neoclassical aesthetic at the forefront of fashion.


Seraphin’s Belmont optical frame renews vintage glamour with the cat-eye silhouette—a fashionista-favorite made popular during the Golden age of Hollywood. Its dual frame construction unites titanium and premium acetate for a fresh, lightweight take on the famous shape. Equipped with adjustable nose pads and temple tips for just the right fit, the Belmont is available in the nature-inspired hues of Rose, Azure, Coffee, and Olive.


Seraphin’s Sibley optical frame epitomizes neoclassical luxury. With premium acetate inlayed in titanium, this cat-eye is a distinctly modern modulation of 1950s-inspired fashion. Adjustable temple tips, embossed with Seraphin’s signature fleur-de-lis emblem, provide sophistication and the perfect fit. The Sibley’s pastel color palette features a variety of uplifting hues.


The Vermillion is a neoclassical optical frame that gives a wink to vintage, feline-inspired fashion. Handcrafted from premium acetate in an iconic cat-eye shape, this pair leaps out to trendsetters and retrophiles alike. Dropped horns, brow-to-temple accents, silver trim, and a marbled interior—the details go on and on. This feisty style is available in an intriguing colorway of lynx-inspired patterns.



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DAN RICHARDS , guitariste des ONE DIRECTION, porte de lunette modèle Mr président in Black Tokyo

2 décembre 2014



nouvelle collection de lunettes de la marque OGI EYEWEAR modèle 9206

6 novembre 2014

Cat Eye Meets Dynamic Neons

Ogi Eyewear’s 9206
Making a statement as the next noteworthy thick angular cat eye, the 9206 enters the market with an edgy yet inviting appearance. This desirable style encompasses many rich designer details, giving it an exquisite look unlike anything we’ve seen before. Available in 4 designer color schemes of pink mingle, purple mingle, yellow mingle and green mingle, the 9206 assures confidence to the face behind the frame. From the vibrant acetate fronts to the matching colored metal hinge accents, the 9206 presents itself as a frame to forever be remembered.

Ogi Eyewear lights up the room with a dynamic, vivid expression of color in the 9206 style. Bright neons join with dark painterly strokes to create a bold yet wearable frame. Vibrant acetate pairs with coordinating metal hinge accents in this thick angular cat eye style that is sure to turn heads.
9206_1665 9206_1666 9206_1667 9206_1668_02 9206_1668
Selling Points:
– Laminated multilayered structure; Front/back demi pattern in elegant striations with a middle layer representing florescent color giving overall perspective depth
– Stainless steel colored electroplated metal hinges
– Answers recent trend of more vibrant coloring

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nouveau modèle de lunettes YVONNE de la marQUE OGI EYEWEAR

5 juin 2014


Seraphin introduces an instantly flattering favorite, the Yvonne. A colorful twist on a classic angular shape, the trio of hues in the layered Italian acetate gives the Yvonne its signature look. Neutral tortoise and black shades are given a fresh slice of color in the triple laminate acetate. For a woman who wants a versatile, classic frame that shows a little wink of personality, this is the perfect choice. Fabulous finesse meets classic chic with the Yvonne.


Cheerful slices of color bring classic neutrals to life with the Yvonne by Seraphin Eyewear. Yvonne is smart and seductive with a triple laminate acetate design in a flattering angular shape. Featuring a unique layering process, glossy layers of color are fused for a seamless design, perfect for the chic style connoisseur who has it all together.






« The alluring angles of the Yvonne are accentuated with bold pops of color to create a sleek look that any fashionista should add to their wardrobe. »

Allison Perry – Graphic Design & Marketing


Seraphin Eyewear counter cards, logo blocks, large window banners, and branded counter cubes are available.