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collection de lunettes Ogi Eyewear printemps 2011

2 juin 2011


A glimpse into the future with the latest styles from Ogi’s Innovation Collection

To allow practitioners the ability to segment the collection into categories best suited for their office, the Ogi collection by Ogi Eyewear is being launched in three distinct categories: Ogi Heritage, Ogi Evolution and Ogi Innovation.

The Innovation Collection, home to Ogi’s most elite models, proudly boasts the most fashion forward additions to the Ogi collection. Inspired by the distinguishing elements of modern architecture, styles from the Innovation collection are bold, contemporary eyewear pieces designed to stand apart from the prevailing. These models deliver style and substance through the use of premium materials and diligently placed details.


“The 2011 Innovation Collection solidifies Ogi’s position as a powerful luxury brand that is driven by the demand for fresh, contemporary eyewear. The captivating combinations of shape and exotic materials give the new additions to the Innovation Collection a bold shot of exhilaration and demand attention.”

Phil Windyk | Director of Marketing

Key Styles:


A sharp, geometric frame, the 4025 was inspired by the distinguishing elements of modern architecture. Utilizing a stainless steel exterior, the 4025 delivers a potent shot of personality through the use of premium material and intriguing color combinations.


A phenomenal new style, the 7142 takes elements from the past and forges them into a completely new direction. Using an exotic blend of Italian acetates, the 7142 creates a boutique store whimsy and couture aesthetic. The slender shape and simple details add an extra element of refinement to the innovative gem.


The distinct shape and retro detailing found on the 9069 mesh together to exude power and intrigue in this standout model. Each bold color combination gives this executive style a shot of contemporary flavor.

How is Ogi presented?

All Ogi frames come with a black clamshell hardcase with a lime crushed velour lining. Each frame comes with an embossed cleaning cloth. Point-of-purchase materials include an Ogi logo cube, counter cards and large window banners.


Having started out as a small indipendent line, Ogi Eyewear is currently distributing in Europe, Israel and New Zealand; with an over 40% growth in the last two years, the Company plans to expand its market into more European countries as well as South-East Asia. As a result of its ongoing commitment to customers, Ogi has recently launched an amazing online campaign in order to connect them to the product and to define a clear brand identity: customers are asked to take pictures of themselves wearing their Ogi frames and all these images will be posted on the company website and Facebook page, thus celebrating everyone who actually supports the brand.