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lentilles de contact 1 day presbyo par SAFILENS

22 juin 2017

The Italian company participated in the leading European contact lens trade show to promote its patented afocal design for presbyopia
and launch its new daily toric lens

Safilens made a big comeback at the BCLA Clinical Conference & Exhibition which took place June 9th to 11th in Liverpool. The Italian company attended the respected international contact lens trade fair to promote its patented afocal design for presbyopia and the exclusive preview launch of the most recent Safilens innovation: the daily toric fusion 1day astigma lens.

fusion 1day astigma expands the family of daily contact lenses that incorporate the advantages of the company’s groundbreaking fusiontechnology™ system – the synergistic interaction between Hyaluronic Acid and TSP (Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide) that normalizes and stabilizes the physiological relationship between the tear film and the ocular surface, providing the wearer with natural, lasting eye comfort.
The new lens for astigmatism features an innovative design, known as Sleekform, developed by Safilens. « This design » – explains Alessandro Filippo, R&D manager at Safilens – « was engineered to ensure precise, rapid and constant stabilization, while at the same time providing the comfort and practicality of daily contact lenses. »
Sleekform stabilization is based on the pure prism, ensuring minimal thicknesses and an extremely uniform surface. In addition to limiting the mechanical strain associated with wearing contact lenses, this characteristic significantly reduces the issues related to differences in distribution of oxygen flow, typical of the designs currently available.
fusion 1day astigma is available with more than 800 parameters (3 cylinders and 8 axes).

Safilens’ participation in BCLA – an exhibition known for its extraordinary scientific program that each year attracts prominent experts and international industry representatives – attests to the company’s ongoing and increasingly core-commitment to the Educational activities tied to its game-changing products.
Live fittings were held at the Safilens stand throughout the duration of the show, with applications open to all visitors, who were able to test the performance and benefits of afocal design and participate in an exclusive preview experience of the Sleekform design of fusion 1day astigma. And that’s not all. Also at BCLA, several works developed in conjunction with Italian and foreign universities were presented as posters on the fusion 1day presbyo lenses; and on Sunday June 11th, Giancarlo Montani (Lecturer on Optometry, University of Salento) and Sergio Momini (Head of Professional Services at Safilens) conducted a workshop entitled “Management of computer vision syndrome and digital eye strain with contact lenses”, that also introduced additional assessments and results of the patented afocal design.


lentilles SAFILENS

13 février 2017

Safilens will attend 100% Optical 2017 to present their latest product news, including fusion 1day presbyo and Open 30 Presbyo, the revolutionary daily and monthly silicone-hydrogel lenses for presbyopia.Presbyo lenses use an innovative afocal design patented by Safilens which is a veritable revolution in contact lenses for presbyopia: the lens is neither multi-focal nor progressive but features a small hyper-refractive central area that keeps paraxial optical rays out of the retinal image.

An afocal lens increases the depth of field and consequently the width of the accommodation range. Furthermore, unlike a multi-focal lens which requires a complex cerebro-ocular adaptation process, no adaptation time is needed, since simultaneous vision is not involved in the process.
The LacriMass™ design allows for non-uniform distribution of the tear film on the outer surface of the lens, increasing its thickness in the peripheral areas, where the major causes of eyestrain arise. The lens also benefits from the revolutionary fusiontechnology™: the combined action of hyaluronic acid and TSP (Tamarind Seeds Polysaccharide) normalizes and stabilizes the physiological relationship between the tear film and the surface of the eye, providing the wearer with natural, lasting comfort.
The result is a lens with extraordinary performance features: the afocal design guarantees stable, clear and well-defined images under any light condition. Unlike multi-focal lenses in fact, an afocal lens uses more than 90% of the light to put an image into focus and is not influenced by poor lighting or the dimension of the pupil.
Last, an afocal lens does not have any addition areas and therefore does not cause any aberrations that are typical with multi-focal lenses.
Simply put, Safilens-patented afocal design truly offers limitless vision without compromises!

nouvelle collection de lentilles de contact 1 DAY pour presbytes par SAFILENS

30 janvier 2015



The Italian contact lens firm showcased its game-changing daily lens for presbyopes based on fusion technology™ at Opti
Munich, January 2015 – fusion 1day presbyo, the latest, phenomenal innovation from Safilens, made its debut at Opti.

fusion 1day presbyo is the first daily lens for presbyopia based on the patented and well-known fusion technology™ and, in true Safilens fashion, constitutes a real game-changer for the contact lens industry.

The fusion 1day presbyo project grew out of a quest to craft a soft lens for presbyopes that could be changed daily and ensure clear vision. fusion 1day presbyo is designed not only for those individuals who experience age-related close-up vision difficulties and who have trouble adjusting to “reading glasses”, but also for those who think they must relinquish wearing contact lenses because of unsatisfactory past experiences, or simply because there are times when – for convenience or aesthetics – they would rather not wear glasses.

fusion 1day presbyo ensures incomparable, exceptional depth of field and sharp images for distance, intermediate and close-up vision, even for the most demanding myopes. Stable images and well-defined contours under all light conditions — unlimited, uncompromised vision is what the new Safilens contact lenses offer.

fusion technology™, the cutting-edge technology behind the innovative fusion 1day presbyo lenses, guarantees extended protection of the surface of the eye and — given the end users of the new lenses – that is a fail-safe winner.

fusion technology™ incorporates a co-polymer made from Tamarind-Seed Polysaccharides (TSP) and hyaluronic acid (HA) into the contact lens. This synergy heightens the well-known properties of TSP and HA in hydrating, lubricating and protecting the surface of the eye from mechanical stress caused by wearing contact lenses, thus promoting the re-growth of epithelial microvilli. This technology improves wearer comfort through normalization of the tear film and works in harmony with the eye to continuously, and in a controlled manner, release a natural tear film substitute and mineral salts from the lens to the tear film.

fusion 1day presbyo lenses are also quick and easy to apply, ensuring immediate results without a period of adaptation while offering excellent hygiene, comfort and practicality.

fusion 1day presbyo is available with 8.60 mm base curve, 14.10 mm diameter and powers ranging from + 8.00D to – 10.00D.

Germany has always been a pivotal market for Safilens, which, since January 2014, relies on the local Open Vista subsidiary for distribution of its Open and Fusion products in German-speaking markets. “Opti is becoming an increasingly vital and international trade show, which is just one more reason why we decided to present our latest game-changing product here”, confirmed Vincenzo Bruno, Managing Director of Safilens.

fusion 1day presbyo

About Safilens

Safilens was established in 2001 to create innovative, high quality products in the area of contact lenses. This healthy, avant-garde company has succeeded in exploiting the 30 year plus experience of its founders to deliver solutions always in sync with market developments and the needs of contact lens wearers.

The core value of the company lies in the excellence of its R&D division as well as its focus on customer care. The results demonstrate how important and efficient this approach has been: high performance products, prompt responses to customer needs, technological leadership in the sector.

In 2012, Safilens was purchased by the Bruno Farmaceutici S.p.A. Group, a pharmaceutical company that was established in Rome in 1996 and a leader in Italy in the sector of oral cortisone and anti-diabetes medicines. The acquisition allowed Bruno Farmaceutici to expand into the very promising contactology market while providing Safilens with Bruno’s scientific know-how and all the value of its pharmaceutical R&D work.

Nouvelles lentilles de contact FUSION 1 DAY par SAFILENS

27 janvier 2014


A recent study by Nick Atkins shows how Safilens’ daily disposable CL uniquely approaches the problem of contact lens induced dry eye

Thanks to the application of new biomaterials over the last ten years, contact lens technology has taken some important steps forward to be able to improve the wellbeing of contact lens users. However, conditions such as dry eye syndrome, eye dehydration, increased osmolarity and deposit build-up are clinical implications of primary importance. These conditions are often the origin of pathologies and declines in comfort.

With the introduction of Fusion 1day Safilens seeks to offer its customers an exceptional comfort wearing experience and a new approach for tackling “contact lens induced dry eye” or CLIDE.

Fusion 1day contact lenses are made from Fusion Technology, a patented material technology based upon the unique synergistic action of tamarind seed polysaccharide and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid obtained by biotechnologic synthesis. Fusion 1day material is composed of two polymers; the synthesised polymer (Filcon IV) constitutes the solid structure of the lens while the watery part is enriched with the natural bi-polymer of hyaluronic acid and tamarind seed polysaccharide as well as other minerals. The HA-TSP bi-polymer is claimed to support longer lens hydration as well as the continuous lubrication and stabilisation of the pre-corneal tear film, thus improving subjective comfort while wearing the lens.

HA – a naturally occurring linear-structured polysaccharide that is found in the aqueous and vitreous humour, the synovial fluid of joints, in heart valves and the skin – has been shown to increase tear break-up time. TSP is a natural, water-soluble, branched-chain polysaccharide and it has been found to have numerous properties that make it ideal for use as a tear film supplement.

Researchers evaluating the development of formulations containing both HA and TSP found a synergistic effect with the resulting bi-polymer demonstrating a higher capacity to encompass water when compared to each individual polymer. The prescriptive daily use of this solution formulation on the inside of the lens could lengthen both the comfortable, as well as the actual wearing time.

The big challenge to researchers was to somehow incorporate the HA-TSP bi-polymer within the soft lens substance to allow its release with wear. This was possible due to the bi-polymers property of thermoreversibility. Heating the solution to over 100°C results in the polymer chains becoming disorganised and passing into a more liquid state. In this state it is possible to introduce the polymer evenly within the soft gel matrix and, when it is subsequently cooled, it recovers its organised state within the hydrogel material. Another temperature increase, for example to the ‘on eye’ temperature of around 36°C, results in some increase in fluidity, so allowing a gradual release of the HA-TSP bi-polymer from the lens into the tears.

In conclusion, Fusion 1day, with its patented material containing the bi-polymer of hyaluronic acid and tamarind seed polysaccharide, has the real potential to be especially helpful for patients with CLIDE as well as first-time contact lens wearers. That is why it represents a very welcome addition to the contact lens fitters armoury in the ongoing battle to maximise comfortable wearing times and reduce the drop-out of contact lens patients.

fusion 1day

nouvelles lentilles de contact OPEN 30 par SAFILENS MIDO 2013

12 avril 2013


Milan, March 2013 – The commitment to research and development and process of growth at Safilens, the leading Italian contact lens company, continues with the company’s debut at MIDO to launch its new innovative contact lens product: OPEN 30.

OPEN 30 is the first monthly silicone hydrogel contact lens based on the company’s much praised patented Fusion Technology.

The result of 3 years’ R&D, OPEN 30 is an extremely sophisticated state-of-the-art contact lens product, created exclusively by an Italian team to guarantee the completely natural and prolonged wellbeing of the eyes.

Thanks to the application of new biomaterials over the last ten years, contact lens technology has taken some important steps forward to be able to improve the wellbeing of contact lens users. However, conditions such as dry eye syndrome, eye dehydration, increased osmolarity and deposit build-up are clinical implications of primary importance. These conditions are often the origin of pathologies and declines in comfort. The high incidence of these side effects is worrying: the percentage of contact lens wearers who interrupt their contact lens wear owing to complications of different kinds is equal to 10-15% annually, a percentage which increases to over 40% when you take into account those who have difficulties during contact lens usage. This means that over 50% of contact lens wearers require a greater “physiological comfort”, and a state of complete visual-ocular well-being.

OPEN 30 was created out of the desire to produce a Minimal Side Effect contact lens. This objective has been reached, not just through the use of the innovative material, Filcon 5 – the new patented bio-silicone hydrogel at the base of the lens – but also by means of a careful analysis of each aspect of the interaction between the contact lens and the upper segment face to eliminate the most common causes of “rejection” with state-of-the-art solutions. This has been achieved with absolute respect for the physiology of the eye.

The launch of OPEN 30 signals a new exciting achievement for Safilens, as does the company’s presence at the most important international trade fair for the optical sector. The company’s participation at MIDO follows Safilens’ recent presentation at OPTI MUNICH 2013 for the official launch of its Fusion Technology in the European marketplace.

lancement de nouvelle lentilles de contact Fusion 1 day ultra comfort disposable de SAFILENS

18 février 2013


Fusion 1day

Safilens S.r.L, a division of Gruppo Bruno Farmaceutici S.P.A, today announces the UK launch of their next generation ultra comfort Fusion 1day Contact Lens through their exclusive UK distributor; No 7 Contact Lenses, Hastings, East Sussex.

Thanks to their proprietary Fusion technology™, Safilens have been able to incorporate the two most successful natural polymers used in relieving dry-eye symptoms: Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Tamarind-Seeds Polysaccharide (TSP), creating the potential for an ultra-comfort lens. The new bio copolymer enhances their already notable properties; hydration, wetting, protection of the ocular surface and favoring the regrowth of the epithelial microvilli.

“The sustained and controlled release of the natural muco-mimetic tear film substitutes and minerals out from the Fusion contact lens by eyelid pressure, blinking and body temperature, hydrates and lubricates all the interfaces, offering the greatest potential for improved natural tear film stability; and reducing the risk of wearer drop-out due to dry eye discomfort ” said Alessandro Filippo, research and development head, Safilens.

Fusion 1 day is available in a base curve of 8.6mm at parameters of -0.50/-6.00 (0.25)
-6.50/-12.00 (0.50); +0.50/+4.00 (0.25) +4.50/+7.00 (0.50)

“With the introduction of Fusion 1day Safilens seek to offer our customers an exceptional comfort wearing experience and a new approach for tackling ‘contact lens induced dry eye’ or CLIDE,” said Mr. Filippo.

Maxine Green, Commercial Director for No7 Contact commented, “No7 are delighted to be working with Safilens who bring to contact lenses new, exciting and innovative lens technologies. Fusion 1-Day, with its patented material containing the bi-polymer of hyaluronic acid and tamarind seed polysaccharide, has the real potential to be especially helpful for patients with CLIDE, as well as first-time contact lens wearers and will be a very welcome addition the contact lens fitters armoury in the ongoing battle to maximise comfortable wearing times and reduce the drop-out of our contact lens patients”.

About Safilens®

Safilens is committed to developing innovative vision care solutions, ensuring wearers have ready access to their unique products and forging strong partnerships with eye care professionals. With headquarters in Italy, Safilens innovative products are available in a number of major European markets.

About No7 Contact Lenses®

Established in 1978, No7 Contact Lens Laboratory is a privately owned manufacturing company, based in Hastings, UK. The company develops, licenses, manufactures, distributes and markets contact lenses primarily under the No7â Contact Lens brand directly to Independent Eye Care Professionals and via a distributor network throughout the European Union Countries.

Additional information on the Company may be accessed on the Internet at

SAFILENS à Munich 2013

7 janvier 2013



Italy’s leading contact lens maker adopts the Munich tradeshow as the official site to launch its Fusion Technology in the European market

The ongoing process of internationalization continues as Safilens opts to participate at OPTI MUNICH for the first time. The Italian firm will be at the prestigious international trade fair – dedicated to the latest trends in the optical industry – to officially launch its innovative Fusion Technology in the European marketplace.

Truly cutting edge, the patented technology grew out of in-depth research into the eye’s anatomy and mechanics with the aim to improve the wellbeing of contact lens wearers.

Insufficient quantity and alteration of the tear film are the primary causes of diseases and discomfort during use of contact lenses. This situation is often the result of a reduction in the number of goblet cells, which then contributes to limited production of mucin. Thanks to their mucomimetic properties, natural substitutes for tear film help maintain and re-establish the pseudo-mucinic component of the tear film, relieving the most common symptoms of Dry Eye.

The extraordinary Fusion Technology is the result of these research efforts and consists in the incorporation of a copolymer made from tamarind-seed polysaccharides (TSP) and hyaluronic acid (HA): the two natural polymers most used in the treatment of the Dry Eye syndrome. As shown by physical-chemical tests, this synergy is able to boost the well-known properties of TSP and HA in their task of hydrating, lubricating and protecting the surface of the eye from mechanical stress caused by contact lenses and thus facilitate the re-growth of epithelial microvilli.

The Fusion Technology line, which includes daily and weekly disposable contact lenses as well as an all-in-one solution, restores the physiological relationship between tear film and ocular surface, thus enhancing contact lens wearers’ quality of life.

The tradeshow in Munich will also be the perfect opportunity to present – the innovative distribution system for Fusion lenses created by Ottiko AG, Safilens partner in German-speaking countries – to the trade press and industry representatives.

This new platform is a website that features a classic win-win approach. On one hand, the optician, through closed circuit access, can view and select various kinds of lenses exclusively online, thus eliminating the need to warehouse stock; on the other, customers can order the products they want through a simple login system. Offering opticians a new sales strategy, relieves some of the logistic burden and also provides customers with an added service.

The platform will be up and running in Switzerland on January 1, 2013 and will be the only distribution system for Fusion lenses in the country. Future Ottiko AG projects also include gradual expansion of the distribution system to other German-speaking countries.

Fusion 1day

Presentation of at OPTI MUNICH – in English and German – is scheduled to take place at the Safilens stand twice a day (at noon and 4 p.m.) during the show.