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collection de lunettes SERAPHIN par OGI Eyewear

23 octobre 2019

Seraphin – Seasonal Shapes


Ogi Eyewear is happy to share their most recent collection from Seraphin: five brand new frames, each brazen with detail and unique hues, very appropriate as we move tantalizingly closer to the fall season.



Deep in enriching color varietals, the Arbour radiates an almost heart-stopping presence. A sharply winged shape reveals carved edges that lead to a fleck of metal within the hinge piece. Entrancing in every detail, the Arbour invites any for a closer look.



We’re heating things up with the Hanley. With the acute application of heat to the rim, a purposeful twisting pattern finds itself concocted into the brow. Complete with Seraphin’s designer stamped hingepiece, the Hanley never stops innovating.



True vintage experiences a rebirth in the Knoll, nodding to the utilitarian design of the late 1920s when minimalism and metal reigned supreme. Properly built up shielding around the rim adds history and sophistication whereas the universal sized bridge creates a comfortable fit, lending the Knoll to all aspects of Seraphin’s key design elements.



The Nash brings a full smattering of design choices and stylistic moves to the latest Seraphin collection. From patternly temples and micro acetate tips to the reinforced acetate brow line, the Nash tests the limits of forward-thinking design.


Embracing size and scale, the aptly-named Opus swells with grandeur in its robust size and seemingly sheer make up. Thickly crafted acetate leaves an open canvas for deep and brooding hues, evoking artistic inspiration throughout the Opus.

lunettes SERAPHIN solaires été 2019

22 mai 2019

Seraphin: Here Come The Suns



MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Five original Seraphin suns emerge for the spring collection, each with unique, key features and noticeable innovative techniques.


Andover Sun

A brand new take on a vintage look, the Andover Sun combines a glossy material with specific matte elements. This sun ophthalmic seems to effortlessly work on any wearer, with an interesting and inviting retro eight-sided silhouette.


Judson Sun

Flat in profile but edgy in design, the Judson Sun takes a dip into the classic looks of the 80s. With a vintage hinge and thickly cut double bar, this aviator-esque frame gives a slightly European pop of personality.


Lourdes Sun

Brimming with detail, the Lourdes Sun takes a new spin on an original windsor look. The combined pressing of metal to acetate brings high contrast to the nylon lenses. Lightweight, the Lourdes Sun holds interest from start to finish.


Marigold Sun

A marriage of current high fashion trends and late 80s looks, the Marigold Sun thins out for Seraphin’s sleekest style yet. This oval frame comes equipped with extra shielding while nodding to the refined dueling tones found within its temple.


Valders Sun

Bold in shape and size, the Valders Sun presents its prowess through a flat profile adorned with full details. Expertly crafted faux clips hold a thinly laid double bar in place, while a semirimless design accents this nylon lens masterpiece.




Counter cards, frame stands, and banners are available upon request.



collection de lunettes SEPAPHIN été 2017

29 août 2017

Seraphin: Iconic Styling for the Trendsetters of Today


MINNEAPOLIS, MN—Renowned for reviving vintage styling for a contemporary crowd, Seraphin is pleased to announce the arrival of a new series of neoclassical frames. Showcasing retro-inspired details, select materials, contemporary colorways and sophisticated silhouettes, the summer/fall collection—led by the Cumberland and Hathaway—appeals to a vast range of fashion-oriented optical consumers who are looking for iconic styling. With these new models, Seraphin takes the best aspects of the past—drawing from a rich lineage of design—and renews them for today’s trendsetters.


Seraphin’s classic rectangular-frame Cumberland glasses are modeled after the prevailing vintage styles that continue to impress luxury eyewear connoisseurs of today. Crafted and polished by hand to ensure a flawless finish, this pair has been made from choice acetate in classy colorway with four options to choose from—including a rich tortoise, deep blue, transparent grey, and black. The silver-and gold-tone accents reinforce the Cumberland’s distinguished look, while robust five-barrel hinges solidify its position as a strong contender for frame of the year.


A classic cat-eye style crafted by hand from marbled acetate selected exclusively for this model, the Hathaway demonstrates the neoclassical aesthetic for which Seraphin is celebrated. With a softly upswept brow, this feminine pair is sure to raise her style game to the next level. The Hathaway’s radiant colorway consists of four stunning options, including Glacial Aqua, French Roast, Violet Tulip, and Radiant Azure. Silver-tone hinges and the fleur-de-lis temple tip emblems drive home the vintage inspiration, while OBE screws—always durable—make the Hathaway a fashionable frame you can count on.



Seraphin banners, logo blocks, and counter cards are available upon request.


collection de lunettes SERAPHIN EYEWEAR 2016

22 novembre 2016

Fierce Fall Fashion: Seraphin Releases New Feline-Inspired Styles
MINNEAPOLIS, MN—Seraphin, the designer of neoclassical eyewear that reimagines iconic optical style, has released three new models that exemplify the collection’s nuanced form of modern styling: the Belmont, Sibley, and Vermillion.

With a veritable museum of frames already to its name, Seraphin looks to capture the attention of optical connoisseurs with imaginative riffs on a classic shape: the cat-eye, perennially popular among highbrow booklovers and high-fashion aficionados alike.

This trio of original, feline-inspired frames will build upon the brand’s rich tradition of design excellence and place the neoclassical aesthetic at the forefront of fashion.


Seraphin’s Belmont optical frame renews vintage glamour with the cat-eye silhouette—a fashionista-favorite made popular during the Golden age of Hollywood. Its dual frame construction unites titanium and premium acetate for a fresh, lightweight take on the famous shape. Equipped with adjustable nose pads and temple tips for just the right fit, the Belmont is available in the nature-inspired hues of Rose, Azure, Coffee, and Olive.


Seraphin’s Sibley optical frame epitomizes neoclassical luxury. With premium acetate inlayed in titanium, this cat-eye is a distinctly modern modulation of 1950s-inspired fashion. Adjustable temple tips, embossed with Seraphin’s signature fleur-de-lis emblem, provide sophistication and the perfect fit. The Sibley’s pastel color palette features a variety of uplifting hues.


The Vermillion is a neoclassical optical frame that gives a wink to vintage, feline-inspired fashion. Handcrafted from premium acetate in an iconic cat-eye shape, this pair leaps out to trendsetters and retrophiles alike. Dropped horns, brow-to-temple accents, silver trim, and a marbled interior—the details go on and on. This feisty style is available in an intriguing colorway of lynx-inspired patterns.



Seraphin banners, logo blocks, and counter cards are available upon request.

nouveau modèle de lunettes « THE MILTON » par SERAPHIN EYEWEAR

15 octobre 2014

Timeless Icon:

The Milton from Seraphin
Characteristically demonstrating a noteworthy tribute to retro boldness, Seraphin recommends a design inspired by time honored styles from the mid to late 20th century. The Milton is brought to the forefront with dapper appearance embodying the prestigious intelligence behind the frame. A memorable unification of Japanese titanium and acetate overlay come together to create an extremely lightweight yet durable design. With exquisite detail on both the bridge and the temples, the Milton provides a timeless classic of precise intricacy. With a refined classiness, this round frame captivates sophistication, making it an icon to always be remembered.

Featured Style: The Milton
A timeless classic, the P3 figure of Seraphin’s Milton offers a long-established shape with updated intricacy. Elaborate etchings lace the Milton’s Japanese titanium throughout its bridge and temples with a hand crafted quality. Titanium and acetate unify to produce an extremely lightweight design with options such as black/antique silver, dark tortoise demi/black, dark tortoise demi/gold and light blonde demi/bronze.

Milton_Group Milton_pull Milton_Pull2 Miltonbook

“I designed the Milton with John Lennon in mind. During the 1960’s this once disfavored style quickly became cherished by Lennon who wanted to better present himself as part of the common folk. Quickly, others followed his attraction to this style until the 1980’s when it became a prominent youth attraction. Circular lightweight yet durable frames will always find time to reinvigorate themselves; I don’t see them ever going out of style.”
David Spencer, Seraphin Eyewear Founder & Designer

Seraphin Eyewear has counter displays, logo blocks, and large window banners available.

collection modèles MADDOX par SERAPHIN EYEWEAR 2014

2 juillet 2014


Seraphin Eyewear introduces the Maddox, a translucent acetate frame that brings freshness to a classic shape. With its revitalized take on a vintage style, iconic fleur-de-lis emblems and Seraphin’s signature hinge accents, the Maddox emanates neoclassic style.

This timeless frame gets a modern twist with silver diamond-shaped accents. Three-dimensional, raised embellishments give depth and visual intrigue to the peaks of the Maddox. Carefully handcrafted of Italian acetate in nature-inspired hues, the transparent quality reveals the inner structure of the temple cores. Equally flattering on men and women, the Maddox is a traditional shape that looks phenomenal on many faces.






About the Maddox

This classic shape unites with translucent colored acetate to create the Maddox. Complemented with raised diamond accents on the face and temples, the Maddox gives the wearer a look of noteworthy distinction. Its rounded bridge harmonizes with silver accents and translucent structure in hues of smoke grey, dark antique crystal, blue and bourbon.


“I designed the Maddox with an early 60’s look in mind. The thick transparent acetate gives retro feel to this classic style. In four transparent colors, the Maddox feels traditional and new all at the same time. I wear this frame in both the Bourbon and the Blue colors.”

David Spencer, Seraphin Eyewear Founder & Designer


Seraphin Eyewear has counter displays, logo blocks, and large window banners available.

nouveau modèle de lunettes XENIA par SERAPHIN EYEWEAR

17 mars 2014


Seraphin introduces the Xenia, a feminine frame with classic vintage appeal. Combining a classic cat eye shape with enchanting pastel colors, the Xenia is a charming addition to the Seraphin Collection. Handcrafted from layered acetate, an overlay of crystal illuminates the frame giving it a multidimensional appearance. With its graceful, vintage-inspired style, the Xenia is the perfect choice.


A marvelous cat eye frame in soft hues of sage, lilac, ivory, and blush, the Xenia features layered acetate with a coating of translucent crystal over opaque pastel to create a glossy veneer of color. Accented with silver-tipped temples, this frame boasts an eye for detail with charm and panache.






“By blending refinement with vintage flair, the Xenia is a cute new addition to the Seraphin Collection. Offered in delicate pastel colors and a flattering shape, the Xenia is beyond compare.”

Allison Perry – Graphic Design & Marketing


Seraphin Eyewear counter cards, logo blocks, large window banners, and branded counter cubes are available.

Nouvelle collection de lunettes de soleil ODYSSEY par SERAPHIN EYEWEAR

2 avril 2012


Odyssey Sun Collection

When exploring the world of vintage luxury eyewear, Seraphin combines trends from around the globe with fine materials to create timeless designs. The Odyssey Sun Collection personifies the spirit of Seraphin: vintage styles from a bygone era revamped for life’s new voyages.

Key Styles

Chicago Sun

The Chicago Sun is introduced as a chic, cat-eye design inspired by sunglasses worn by women along the French Riviera in the late 1950’s. Premium Italian acetate and temple accents add to the allure of the Chicago Sun. Available in two classic colors: Black Tokyo and Tokyo Tortoise.

Lake Sun

The Lake Sun redefines the look of the classic navigator by displaying a modern, more angular shape that would be at home in a luxurious private jet. By combining a titanium front with premium acetate temples, the Lake Sun exemplifies a contemporary spin on a vintage style. Available in Silver and Gold.

Jefferson Sun

The executive style of the Jefferson Sun was inspired by the legendary look of French racecar drivers, looking for optimum coverage as they maneuver the countryside. It also provides the comfort needed to be worn on a cross country excursion or a Caribbean cruise. The Jefferson Sun boasts an impressive color palette including Black, Dark Tortoise, Butterscotch Tortoise and Antique Crystal.

Seraphin sun frames include a soft sided leather case and cleaning cloth.



 “Inspired by trends from around the world, the Odyssey Sun Collection presents a contemporary feel to timeless vintage shapes.  Each frame’s classic past and stylish new design make it the ultimate accessory for the modern traveler. The Odyssey Sun Collection is worth the journey.”

Josh Wyman, Marketing Coordinator



Seraphin counter cards, large window banners, logo plaques and 8 piece displays are available.

nouvelle collection de lunettes Homme SERAPHIN EYEWEAR 2012

26 mars 2012


A distinct class of timeless eyewear

Today’s urbane gentleman is faced with more choices than ever regarding everyday eyewear. To create a look that combines simplicity with a splash of intrigue, Seraphin has launched 8 new models into its Neoclassic Collection that define a distinct class of timeless eyewear. Carefully chosen eyewear tells the world that you’re well put together, organized, faultlessly groomed, reliable, capable of independent thought and have great taste. It’s important for men to exude class and to look at eyewear as a source of pride rather than an everyday necessity.

Key Styles


True to Seraphin fundamentals, the Quincy’s intellectual façade reflects the vintage inspiration behind its design. Seraphin’s release of the Quincy ignites a modern reconstruction of an old-world favorite. Smaller dimensions and the application of dual rivets bring this classic style to the forefront of men’s vintage eyewear.


The Harrison is an essential everyday style that blends simplicity with a shot of inventive character. The thick, contemporary shape of the Harrison complements a variety of personalities and will be a mainstay in the Mens Neoclassic collection for many years to come.


A quietly powerful style, the Washington is an intriguing model that features a front crafted from a layered premium Italian acetate. Soft curves contrasted by hard edges give the Washington a sustaining dose of sophistication.

Who is Seraphin’s Customer?

Seraphin appeals to the romantic hero who yearns for sophisticated luxury, precision handcrafting and comfortable price points.


How is Seraphin presented?

All Seraphin eyewear styles come with a leather hardcase and mico-fiber cleaning cloth.

Point-of-purchase materials include a Seraphin logo plaque, counter cards and large window banners.

nouvelle collection de lunettes SERAPHIN EYEWEAR par OGI EYEWEAR 2011

19 décembre 2011


Strong, sleek, chic.

The new collection of women’s eyewear from Seraphin appeals to women looking for modern luxury with a dose of effortless cool. Seraphin has launched 8 new models into its women’s Neoclassic Collection making a powerful statement – strong, sleek, and chic. Each new piece is a breath of confidence that reflects close attention to detail and a sense of refined elegance.

Seraphin is redefining eyewear by adapting the finest elements of luxury eyewear from the past into fresh, contemporary interpretations intended to please the eyewear aspirant with a keen intellectual perception of fashion.

Within each frame lies a unique story that exemplifies the characteristics of the model and validates its place in the collection. Each captivating style reflects a celebrated trendsetter of a bygone era through the placement of acute details, rich color and handmade materials.

Key Styles


The Illion is a modest style with elements of class and distinction. The Illion is an understated symbol of romantic mystique. An elegant cat-eye front paired with thick Italian acetate temples give this model its gallant appeal. This style is available in three premium acetate finishes.


The Hiawatha is an essential everyday style that blends simplicity with a shot of inventive character. The thick, contemporary shape of the Hiawatha complements a variety of personalities and blurs the gap between vintage and contemporary eyewear.


To satisfy the exquisite taste of today’s most discerning buyers, Seraphin released the Cavell: a bold, retro inspired cat-eye designed to demand attention. Inspired by an era of class and romanticism, the Cavell is the perfect addition to the wardrobe of the whimsy, boutique store enthusiast. The uniquely decorated front and charismatic shape combine to create a shimmering spark of curiosity.