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collection de lunettes WOODONE SILMO 2017

13 novembre 2017


WooDone, the South Tyrolean brand of eyewear inspired by the breathtaking Dolomite mountain scenery, expands and enhances its collection with the market debut of the Titan Wood Collection.


The Titan Wood Collection is a distillation of elegance and tailored craftsmanship. By skillfully pairing wood from the Dolomites with titanium, WooDone creates cutting-edge styles with a sophisticated, contemporary vibe. With a reinforced front and temples in ultra-light titanium, the eyewear in the Titan Wood Collection are designed for both men and women.


Kian is made of maple wood and stained with the colors of wine; it is the perfect alliance between two luxurious materials like wood and titanium. Unexpectedly light and comfortable, it illuminates the wearer’s face with the warm, radiant color of grapes from the Alto Adige. Also available in other colors and types of wood.


Wood, star player and soul of the brand, combines with titanium, used to create the temples. The result is exquisite, eye-catching styles that lend added luster to a collection known for its attention to detail and masterful craftsmanship.


For the new season, WooDone revitalizes and refreshes the Metal Wood Collection, composed of 8 styles, available in both sunglass and prescription versions, offering light weight while featuring fashion-forward shapes. The frames in this line weigh a mere 14.5 grams and are equipped with flex hinges that ensure ideal comfort and fit on all types of faces.


Ellie is made of dark ash and varies in appearance from one frame to another, thanks to the veins in the wood that vary depending on the annual growth rings formed by the tree.


A style for all occasions, with double bridge in gold, it strikes just the right balance between rustic and elegant for an unmistakably sophisticated style statement. Also available in various types of wood.


The brand’s new collection stays true to its identity while expanding the array of products available to the public with a fresh use of materials that are combined with wood, the brand’s natural, iconic element.

collection de lunettes WOODONE MIDO 2017

6 mars 2017


The WooDone brand of wood eyewear from South Tyrol, inspired by the stunning landscapes of the Dolomite mountains, has added two new entries to its range that will be on display at Mido 2017.

Wood, the very heart and soul of the brand, has been teamed with horn and metal, creating precious, attention-grabbing styles and adding to a collection that is all about attention to detail and master craftsmanship.

The Horn Collection reproduces the eight styles that are already available in wood, cladding them in this even more precious material, in two versions: polished and matt. One-of-a-kind eyewear, handmade by expert craftsmen for a refined, unmistakable style.

Metal Wood Collection is a perfect mix of elegance and exquisitely tailored workmanship. By cleverly combining wood from the Dolomites with metal, WooDone has designed leading-edge styles with a chic, contemporary touch for sunglasses and specs. The eyewear in the Metal Wood Collection comes in a boxy format with double bridge for men, and in a rounded retro-style shape for women, softening the facial features.

The brand’s new collection has held on to its identity while expanding its range of offerings to the public by mixing materials with wood, the brand’s natural element and symbol, in an all-new way.

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masque de ski modèle SC405 par WOODONE

11 janvier 2017



January 2017 – WooDone – the brand of eyewear made of wood that takes its inspiration from the breathtaking Dolomite mountain scenery – expands its product line with the launch of SC405, ski goggles whose innovative design and frameless technology are the first step toward a future version made of wood that will be available at the end of 2017.

The SC405 goggles, available starting in January, come with two interchangeable lenses that make them dazzle under any weather conditions. The horizontal cutout, in the upper part of the lens, creates a ventilation system for greater comfort, while the special anti-fog treatment prevents condensation caused by the difference between head/facial temperature and external temperature.

The goggles mold perfectly to the face thanks to soft foam padding and an adjustable elastic strap featuring the WooDone logo.

Compatible with all hard ear snowboard and ski helmets, the SC405 goggles have mirrored lenses in two different colors — Fumo Arcobaleno and Fumo Grigio.

WooDone ski goggles are the ideal accessory for those who want the best in technology and functionality while still rocking a winning look on the slopes.
Found at select optician’s shops and sporting good stores.


collection de lunettes WOODONE

14 décembre 2016


Handmade by artisans with South Tyrol wood, WooDone eyewear is produced out of one piece of wood. Over sixty processing steps guarantee a product that is highly refined in every detail, with the utmost quality and a frame that weighs just 13 grams.

For the Christmas season, WooDone frames will be dressed with a “Bling” special coating which make them sparkling!

Light Bling and Dark Bling from Dolomite collection are covered with Galena, a typical stone from Dolomiti Mountains which is reduced into dust and put on the surface of the frame as a special coating, conferring the spectacular sheen of quartz which lights up with thousands of reflections. The beauty of the stone enhances the power of wood to create a precious fashion accessory whose effect is truly spectacular.

The models are available with two coatings, glitter/light (Light Bling) and dark/black (Dark Bling), which is a rarer version of the Galena stone.




nouvelle collection de lunettes solaires WooDone été 2014

25 juin 2014

WooDone summer edition
The Made in South Tyrol brand presents its new sunglass collection with a special Flip-Flop two-color lacquered finish in violet and green/yellow

WooDone never stops innovating and surprising. The brand, which hails from Varna (Bressanone, northern Italy) is back with something completely new for eyewear: a special lacquered finish in two color variations that adds color to the frame while maintaining the naturalness of wood and therefore the essence of the brand.
Flip-Flop is not a color but a lacquered finish which, when applied to the wood, gives the sunglasses an extremely cool colored effect. Green/yellow and violet were chosen because they stand out under the light, becoming almost iridescent. This has been teamed with mirrored lenses, which makes for a young and trendy look that’s perfect for the summer.
Handcrafted from a piece of wood made of eight layers of chipboard (from recycled wood certified as originally coming from trees in Alto Adige) WooDone frames are a masterpiece of artisan skills. Available in three variations – acacia, cherry and walnut – they are the result of very meticulous, high quality workmanship: and incredibly light, weighing just 13 trams.

kaley05 2_ok

kaley05 3_OK

kaley06 3_ok

nouvelle collection de lunettes bois WooDone

7 avril 2014

WooDone presents a brand new innovation in the eyewear sector:
a unique treatment that makes it possible to bend
and adjust the wood of the frames!

Refined, extremely light, environmentally friendly and now also adjustable. WooDone never ceases to amaze and at Mido14 it will be introducing a world first in the field of wooden frames. After months of design and research, the style and design office of the company from South Tyrol has developed a special glue to bend wooden frames so they can be perfectly adjusted without breaking. Applied between the layers of wood that constitute each WooDone frame, when warmed this glue makes it possible to adjust the wood to improve the fit and general comfort of the frames. When you have made the necessary adjustments, all you need to do is cool down the glasses so they maintain their shape. Voilà!
Angus cherry
Rea acacia

Bending a pair of wooden WooDone glasses is very simple. Firstly, heat the glasses at 150° for around 20-30 seconds so the wood becomes flexible and soft. Then carefully bend the arms or front − following the grain of the wood − to obtain the desired shape and, finally, cool under cold running tap water. For further information watch the video:




WooDone glasses – “handmade in South Tyrol” – are carved from a single piece of wood composed of eight layers of chipboard obtained from recycled cherry, acacia and walnut tree materials with certified origins from Alto Adige. Eight layers glued together that form a panel from which the front and the temples are carved using a specially designed technology that keeps the natural grain of the wood intact right along the frame, thus making each model unique and original.
Over sixty processing steps, the majority of which carried out by the expert hands of the artisans of Alto Adige, guarantee a product that is highly refined in every detail, with the utmost quality and a frame that weighs just 13 grams.
The temples are completely smooth thanks to the application of screwless flex hinges that are invisible to the naked eye, and are produced from a special alloy that guarantees their long-lasting durability and functionality.
The final lacquering with a non-toxic EC-certified transparent varnish – also used for wooden children toys – completes the frame, making it hypoallergenic, environmentally-friendly, ultra-resistant and easy to clean. Finally, the simple cold system for inserting lenses means that the frames can feature prescription or sun lenses.

Alto Adige quality, Italian design and German precision: in a word, WooDone.
WooDone, done by nature, designed for your eyes.

nouvelle collection de lunettes modèle CAMERON par WOODONE 2014

31 janvier 2014

WooDone eyewear introduces:

WooDone, done by nature, designed for your eyes. Each model is carved from a single panel composed of eight layers of chipboard obtained from recycled tree materials with certified origins from Alto Adige. Thanks to a special system that keeps the grain of the wood intact, maintaining its original continuity, these materials are used to cut the temples and the front of the glasses. This continuity is not even broken by the insertion of flex hinges, produced from a special alloy that guarantees long-lasting durability and functionality. They are free of screws, smooth to the touch and completely invisible externally, in order to exalt the natural characteristics of the raw material.
The glasses – which can feature both prescription and sun lenses – are not coloured, since the simple beauty of wood is highlighted by the special lacquer used for their finishing which makes them resistant, environmentally friendly and anallergic. All of this encapsulated in a frame that weighs just 13 grams.
The pristine landscapes of the Dolomites inspire shapes that are influenced by the most contemporary fashion trends, which are redesigned to combine them with the natural beauty of wood. Squared and well-defined shapes are combined to softer and more feminine shapes in the natural colours of Alto Adige wood: coppery brown walnut, golden cherry wood and warm black acacia. They are a tribute to nature, the first real designer of these exclusive glasses, which come to life on the skin of the wearer, taking on unique tones and carrying their history with them, like an innate memory.




nouvelle collection de lunettes de la marque WOODONE 2013

5 novembre 2013

Lunettes WooDone:
uniques comme le bois d’où elles proviennent

Elles sont fabriquées en bois et, tout comme la personne à laquelle elles appartiendront, elles portent en elles le caractère unique du matériau avec lequel elles sont réalisées : voici l’esprit des lunettes WooDone, qui sont revenues salon français suite à leur début triomphal l’année dernière.

WooDone, marque du Haut-Adige de lunettes en bois inventées par Thomas Oberegger et Klaus Tavella, va surprendre grâce à une collection destinée à marquer les esprits : une ligne subtile telle que les veines présentes sur la surface de chaque modèle. En effet, chaque exemplaire a été réalisé à partir d’une seule plaque, composée de huit couches de particules obtenues à partir du matériau de récupération d’arbres dont la provenance est certifiée Haut-Adige. Les branches et les faces sont ensuite découpées grâce à un système conçu pour ne pas interrompre les veines et maintenir intacte la continuité originale du bois. Une continuité préservée même lors de l’insertion des charnières flex, réalisées dans un alliage spécial, qui en garantit la durée et le fonctionnement dans le temps. Elles sont dépourvues de vis, lisses au toucher et absolument invisibles à l’extérieur, afin d’exalter les traits que la nature a peint d’elle-même sur la matière première.

Les lunettes, sur lesquelles peuvent être montés aussi bien des verres correcteurs que des verres solaires, ne subissent pas de coloration, car la beauté essentielle du bois est mise en valeur par le laquage spécial, qui les finit et les rend résistantes, écologiques et anallergiques. Ce sont toutes des caractéristiques contenues dans une monture de 13 grammes seulement.

Les paysages non contaminés des Dolomites ont inspiré des formes qui se réfèrent aux tendances de mode les plus modernes, en les redessinant pour les conjuguer avec la beauté naturelle du bois. Des formes carrées et au caractère déterminé, comme les modèles Terra Mata, Aidan, Fingal et Alpin, ou bien plus douces et féminines, comme Alanya et Vesta, déclinées dans les colorations propres au bois du Haut-Adige : le marron cuivré du noyer, le miel doré du cerisier et le noir chaud de l’acacia. Un hymne à la nature, donc, le premier designer véritable de ces lunettes exclusives, qui vivent sur la peau de la personne qui les porte, en prenant des teintes uniques et en amenant avec elles leur passé, comme une mémoire innée.

Six nouveaux modèles, présentés au Silmo, complètent la collection : Rea, Artus, Cameron, Angus, Sirona et Kaley, des montures raffinées qui interprètent les tendances de mode les plus actuelles selon le style WooDone.

Autre nouveauté absolue au salon français, la version Bling : pour la première fois, toutes les lunettes WooDone sont disponibles avec un revêtement externe spécial en Galenit, une poudre minérale qui confère la brillance spectaculaire du quartz et qui, à la lumière du soleil, s’éclaire de mille reflets.
La splendeur de la pierre fait ressortir la force du bois pour créer un accessoire précieux et à l’effet spectaculaire.

Au Silmo, WooDone a surpris non seulement avec sa collection, mais aussi avec son stand : un véritable chalet en style tyrolien du sud, qui a apportè un peu de Haut-Adige à Paris et a confirmé l’identité forte de cette marque, fière de ses racines et de ses traditions.

WooDone, done by nature, designed for your eyes.

Alanya bling