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collection de lunettes ÛX par X-IDE 2017

19 mai 2017

logo ux(1)


UX by X-Ide, the young line by Immagine 98, introduces a new collection featuring clean, eye-catching lines, sure to meet the needs of the younger set.
Without losing sight of the values of Made-in-Italy craftsmanship the brand is known for, UX is synonymous with an assertive, glamorous flair, in step with the latest trends and designed for all occasions.
These new styles are crafted for those who value high quality and excellence, features evident in the workmanship of all the frames, built with passion and perseverance in the quest for new materials and finishes.

The feminine Alice and Noemi styles frame the eyes with a sophisticated and slightly cat-eye silhouette. The former comes in purple, green, fuchsia and blue, and the latter in black, tortoise-shell, purple and blue. Alice, with its injected plastic front conveys a playful, feminine style, the perfect complement to any outfit. With its cleaner, more classic lines, Noemi lends the wearer an air of mystery

The frames for men, Fulvio and Gioele, come in two different shapes, one generously-sized and barely-squared, available in black, green, blue and red, has a modern, intellectual appeal; and the other, with a keyhole bridge and round lenses, in more classic colors, perfectly in keeping with today’s appetite for all things vintage.

UX by X-Ide collection Immagine 98

collection de lunettes X-IDE 2017

4 avril 2017



March 2017 – Tasteful geometrics are the featured forms in the new collection by X-Ide. Elegant yet fanciful frames, skillfully crafted as true works of art for everyday wear.
Precious stones lend their names to all the styles, as timeless as the shapes chosen for the X-Ide eyewear, the essence of modernity and style.

Through flawless attention to detail and skillful craftsmanship, the brand brings back the tailored touch to its collections, pouring its passion and ongoing research into the innovative use of materials and the creation of eyewear styles that are always fresh and unique.

Butterfly-shaped Ambra, made of acetate milled on two levels to create an interplay of colors that highlights its proportions, is for the woman who wants to look her best, all day, every day. And the slightly rounded diva shape of Giada is the ideal solution to frame the gaze and make it even more captivating, thanks to the hint of glamour lent by the application of a rhinestone embellishment on the temples.

For men, Zaffiro expresses an intellectual and, at the same time, cosmopolitan air. With its double bridge and slightly retro look, it goes everywhere. Its four-color palette ranges from the more classic black and tortoise-shell to red and blue for the more whimsical-creative types.

X-Ide’s unisex frame, Topazio, brings an easy-going attitude to the classic round shape, more than ever in step with the times, thanks to the metal double-bridge, making it the perfect pair for professionals and fashionistas always on the lookout for the statement-making detail.


Entirely made in Italy, all X-ide frames are the product of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail.

X-Ide collection by Immagine 98.

nouvelles collections de lunettes X-IDE 2017

9 janvier 2017

Senza titolo(1).jpg

A brilliant combination of materials defines these unique frames where construction technique accentuates style design.
AZALEA is a feminine style with a subtle cat-eye shape. A transparent acetate mask is applied to the laser-cut front – an innovative solution that highlights the color scheme while emphasizing the structure of this frame that is made exclusively in Italy with artisan craftsmanship.
The ongoing quest for innovative materials and high-quality production techniques ensures exceptional X-IDE prescription eyewear collections that are distinguished by details drawn from the most current fashion trends.
X-IDE eyewear by Immagine 98

nouvelle collection de lunettes modèle COCCO par X-IDE

27 janvier 2015


X-IDE has welcomed the new year with an attention-grabbing eyewear frame for men that has a strong personality.

This is just a taste of the eyewear collection it has in store for Mido 2015.

Cocco has a metal frame with denim on the front and temples: a very out-of-the-ordinary combination of materials that is eye-catching and invites you to touch it.

Yet another example of the creativity-cum-workmanship that goes into making every piece in the X-IDE collection:

an extraordinary craftsmanship that has always been a standout feature of the product range signed by Immagine98.

cocco c1 cocco c2 cocco c3 cocco c4

collection de lunettes AMAZES par la marque X-IDE

4 décembre 2014


Strongly aware of its identity, X-IDE will be taking a mature, complete collection to showcase in Paris that has been studied down to the smallest detail as always, but giving extra attention to its target market. For some seasons now, the age range of the X-IDE public has been expanding. It’s not just young people and young adults who are choosing X-IDE but so are children from the age of 8 up, as well as a more mature public: young adults who have chosen X-IDE ever since it first debuted and are now grown-up, and their children.

Various concepts are embedded in the new X-IDE collection: bespoke projects for all ages. Everything, of course, is done with the stylistic touch of X-IDE: colors, combinations of materials, a focus on details, design and top quality.

Color. Color, as usual, takes center stage. Alongside the bright, deep colors that are typical of the brand, the new collection has also introduced colors that are less intensive and not so bright. Sometimes the purple, fuchsia, sky blue and green are vibrant, other times they are more muted, and some other times they have an iridescent effect, like fresh paintings of an artist.

Combinations of materials. Transparent resin poured over a steel core, silicon with a soft-touch effect used as a protective covering on a metal frame, jeans-covered – this year’s big news – are only a few examples of how the creative flair of X-IDE comes through each time.

Attention to detail. Adjustable end-pieces, lightweight frames, a perfect fit are a sign of all the care that Immagine98 puts into creating eyewear that can cater to everybody’s personal needs.

Design. The new collection features the comeback of some “historical” shapes that led to the success of the brand. They have been reinterpreted in a more modern key, by introducing new, avant-garde concepts benefitting from exclusive technical details studied ad hoc by the X-IDE style department.

Dynamic shapes as in Paprika go alongside the pure and linear styles in the ultra-new collection-inside the-collection in 100% Pure Titanium, such as Ione and Molecola.

Quality. The choice of the materials and the workmanship are all distinctive signs of the maximum attention to quality that has always been a signature feature of all X-IDE products.

The new styles on show in Paris – Assenzio, Lavanda, Paprika, Aneto, Zafferano, Rosmarino and Anice – encapsulate all these features: optical styles for men, women or unisex, where the ingredients of X-IDE’s creativity have been used each time. Alongside these are Cannella and Liquirizia, two styles created specifically for the 8-12 year age bracket. This eyewear is fun and playful thanks to the use of silicon which lets you play with color and ‘build’ the temples. Making it a coveted fashion accessory for people – and for kids too – who sometimes don’t want to wear it!

However, the biggest news this season is the introduction of a noble material in the collection: 100% titanium. The result is 4 exclusive styles that are ultra-light, extremely clean and linear yet solid, strong and flexible. By opting for an exclusive OBE titanium hinge with a stellar joint that uses the “TORX T3” system, the creative team at Immagine98 has been able to create all-titanium frames. With Ione, Molecola, Atomo and Elettrone, X-IDE has succeeded in winning the challenge to create a unique product that melds design, materials and comfort. As always, with X-IDE’s signature taste and colors. X-IDE Titanium is so light you always want to wear it: it’s elastic, non-allergenic and extremely high-tech.

A new campaign with a strong visual impact has been used for all the styles in the new collection. Saturated colors, brush strokes and designs fill the faces of the models wearing the new collection.

ione c3 lavanda c5 molecola c3 paprika c5

assenzio c4


X-IDE eyewear by Immagine 98.

nouvelle collection de lunettes X-IDE au SILMO 2014

27 octobre 2014

X-IDE’s creative journey continues in the pursuit of innovation and exploration, while ensuring continuity with the concepts presented in the previous seasons that have become ‘must haves’ in the collection. Silicone temples that can be twisted or entwined to create different chromatic effects are now a hallmark of the brand, just as the resin sheath around a metal core — stainless steel in the case of Assenzio shown here — have become the distinctive features of the collection. The use of transparent resin to cover the parts in metal is an absolutely cutting-edge technology that makes it possible to produce the visual effect of the metal itself, while maintaining the comfort advantages of plastic. Once again, X-IDE is a step ahead!

The X-IDE ophthalmic frames collection is produced by Immagine 98.
X-IDE continue de faire évoluer ses créations tout en perpétuant une série de concepts, devenus les “must have » des collections précédentes. Seuls mots d’ordre : innovation et expérimentation. La branche en silicone, qui peut être tordue/entortillée afin de créer des effets chromatiques originaux est devenue le symbole de la marque, au même titre que la coulée de résine sur l’armature en métal, en acier pour le modèle Assenzio ici proposé. Ce procédé est désormais un incontournable de la collection. L’utilisation d’une résine transparente recouvrant les parties en métal est une technologie assurément novatrice qui permet d’obtenir le même effet visuel que le métal mais en gardant le confort qu’assure la matière plastique. Encore une fois, X-IDE fait preuve de son avant-gardisme.

assenzio c1

La collection de lunettes de vue X-IDE est produite par Immagine 98

Nouvelle campagne de publicité pour la marque x-ide

28 août 2014


Eyewear takes center stage in X-IDE campaign

Light Your Eyes: illuminate your glaze. This slogan for the new Immagine98 campaign signals a change of direction in communicating the X-IDE brand. Eyewear takes center stage as a style element and accessory capable of highlighting the wearer’s.

Light Your Eyes speaks directly to the consumer, drawing him into the image. The campaign and the product are intimately connected and engage the wearer in person: all eyes on me. By choosing X-IDE frames, the consumer lights up the eyes with a splash of color and a positively energizing effect. Skillful lighting in the campaign images emphasizes this vitality, the burst of energy in a shimmer of color: a special illumination that envelops the wearer and re-casts her in a new light. One that no longer projects the creative artistic genius but rather a more mature, strong and determined personality. As if to say: wearers who choose X-IDE make a conscious style statement.


The images will also be featured in point of sale materials the company offers each season to opticians.

X-IDE eyewear are manufactured by Immagine 98.

nouvelle collection de lunettes X-IDE

11 juillet 2014


The new X-IDE collection takes us on a voyage through a world of scents, flavors, sensations and colors that speak of herbs and spices, the latest source of inspiration for Tiziano Tabacchi, creative director of Immagine98.

Making their appearance in the collection are frames that go by the names of Mirto and Alloro [Myrtle and Bay] and blend seamlessly with the mysterious and captivating world of Curry, Zenzero [Ginger] and Cumin. Wasabi transports us to exotic regions further East and then, finally, we set sail for Central and South America, land of Vaniglia, Cacao, and Pepe [Vanilla, Cacao and Pepper]: a sensory trip around the world where we encounter different cultures and glimpse ancient traditions.

This fascinating and mysterious world of heady scents has its roots in far-off times and ancient peoples. Great travels were undertaken in the quest for these products that opened up unexplored – and therefore marvelous – worlds, defining traditions and ethnic cultures. With this collection, X-IDE vicariously transports us to lands where the “gold” of ancient Greece and Rome meets that of the Egyptians, Mayans and Aztecs. A journey where the “riches” of the East encounter those of the West…

Our senses: taste, touch, sight and scent, are stimulated and gratified by the colors and aromas of spices that fill the air with an aura of mystery and seduction. And, thanks to their magical charm, these aromas unleash our imagination. The same creative genie that enchanted the X-IDE style office and induced it to bring these sensations and colors to the new collection. Guided by the pen of Tiziano Tabacchi and through the use of color, we embark on a sensory voyage through a world of other times and cultures.
cumino c1
ginger c3

vaniglia c3 B

wasabi c4

zenzero c4

X-IDE eyewear are manufactured by Immagine 98.

nouvelle collection de lunettes de la marque X-IDE

28 mai 2014


All-Italian know-how and taste underpin the new X-IDE collection showcased by Immagine98 at MIDO14. As always, it is a collection distinguished by bold personality and attention to detail – in style and technology – design and execution. Plus cutting-edge color combinations and choice of materials.

The new collection includes 13 prescription frames in plastic, metal or combinations, 2 kids’ models and 5 sunglass styles.

The brand’s style and technology research over the last year has focused on the development of sidepieces sheathed in a special silicone layer, superior quality materials that allow for extremely creative and playful eyewear with an incredibly soft touch. A step forward in this area was accomplished by applying not just one sheath but three different layers of silicone in order to create amazing chromatic effects. The result: eyewear that is fun, colorful, upbeat and cool.

Back again is nylon stitching on stainless steel front and sidepieces: a stylistic choice available in two color combinations — tone on tone for a softer look and contrasting for bolder impact! These hand-stitched frames fully express the ability to execute absolutely unique workmanship that marries technical skill and artistic audacity.

Some frames have a technological component that uses a transparent resin to encase the metal frame. This totally innovative technique makes it possible to achieve the visual effect of metal itself but with the comfort and ‘feel’ of plastic.

The ultimate in creative expression – at the crossroads between cubism and design – is apparent in two new frames that utilize custom-milled and laminated plastic to obtain the desired color. The depth and play among colors creates lively, unique effects.

There is also room in the X-IDE collection for a series of styles for teens. These frames are designed and sized to fit smaller faces and come in colors and materials in character with the age group.

A capsule collection of 5 sunglass frames completes this statement-making line. Bold colors and high-quality details pair impeccably with mirrored or graded lenses that are either contrasting or tone on tone with the frames.

The logo is no longer a requirement: X-IDE is immediately recognizable, thanks to the details that are the signature mark of a brand that always turns heads.alloro c2
cacao c4 B
curry c1
salvia c2
sesamo c2

X-IDE eyewear are manufactured by Immagine 98.

nouveaux modèles de lunettes X-IDE

3 avril 2014

X-IDE takes its creativity to a new level
and ‘deconstructs’ the temples to create endless colour variations!

X-IDE has focused its stylistic and technological research on the development of temples with a special film made from silicone, a material with excellent qualities that makes it possible to develop a whole series of fun and creative solutions. A step forward in this direction has now been made applying three different silicone sheaths to the temples rather than one to create a whole host of striking colour effects. The result: playful, colourful, fun and fresh glasses with an amazing soft touch effect!
menta asta A

menta asta B

menta c2

mirto c3

mirto c4


X-IDE glasses are produced by Immagine98.