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collection de lunettes XAVIER GARCIA

30 octobre 2019

Xavier Garcia Eyewear A/W 19

Avant-garde design, where craftsmanship meets innovation.


Xavier Garcia’s renewed identity does not forget its origins.

The essential values are three: craftsmanship, avant-garde design, innovation.

The AW 19 collection combines craft know-how with experimentation. The essence of the brand shines through every single piece of the collection, in their bold lines, vivid colors and high-quality laminated materials. The collection reinterprets the brand’s core values with the word future in mind, elevating its aesthetics and authorship through creative and original solutions. Together with refined colour ranges and synthetic design, the introduction of titanium as the emblematic material of the collection takes the brand to the next level, communicating the search for functionality and wearability that has always distinguished its philosophy.




The Brand

Inside Xavier Garcia’s universe: Innovative ideas for avant-garde craftsmanship and design.

Xavier Garcia believes in audacious design that enhances the materials, form and colour of his products. The aesthetics of Xavier Garcia evoke a deep sense of clarity, elegant simplicity and taste, intensified by an attention to craftsmanship always receptive to different forms of experimentation.

The brand is in constant dialogue with the charm and innovation of Barcelona, a metropolitan city, rich in innovation, entrepreneurship and history. For several years Xavier Garcia has been cultivating an increasingly intense bond with the city, its culture, its creative scene and its strong design sensibility.


collection de lunettes XAVIER GARCIA 2019

3 juin 2019


The new Collection 2019 by Xavier Garcia

The new collection by Xavier Garcia will be presented at Mido2019 is an exercise of synthesis and simplicity; the highest order of his craft.
The collection has 9 acetate models and 9 metal models.
The Acetate Collection goes back to the origins of Xavier Garcia’s designs with cristal & bright color combinations, as a result: elegant combinations of laminates.
For a woman of spirit and class: CAMILA, octagonal funny and feminine shape with a young feel in a crystal & bright acetate combination.
For a man who likes clean shapes with a touch of color: XOSE, trendy rectangular shape with a youthful and sporty look. A sinuous combination in a crystal & fresh colours along the frame front.

The Metal Collection comes with harmonious combinations of satin color (sandblasting), 6 metal block models and 2 skin models very feminine.
ENEA, octagonal trendy shape with a youthful spirit. A metal block model in satin vibrantly-colours. This frame is perfect to embellish the look without neglecting elegance.
MOLINS, Round and elegant shape. The thickness of the metal is the main protagonist in a stylish rounded trend for both women and men.

Xavier Garcia’s identity is in transformation. Subtraction is key. Archetypes, his inspiration. Clarity, his dogma.

The new campaign is a mirror of the new collection, the idea is to give sense to the images, to build a story and a context around them and, in turn, to bring the products to life. The office theme provided us with a recognizable space, characterized by minimalist features, clean lines and uniformity. From this space we created an abstraction, selecting key elements, such as a single chair or stool designed by VITRA, as props for the set. This kept the environment clean and simple, while we generated a story around the models.
The result is a perfect harmony between the new collection and the campaign bringing Xavier Garcia even closer to the world of fashion.

collection de lunettes metal XAVIER GARCIA 2018

4 décembre 2018




Barcelona, October 2018_In Xavier Garcia’s new metal collection the colours and shapes of the frames work together to form timeless pieces.
The designer fuses past references into new models, resulting in new vision of long-lasting trends. Each item in the collection is enduring, lightweight and easy to wear. Original and bright urban eyewear with colourful combinations and shapes inspired by the city of Barcelona and its constant movement!

Discover the AW 2018 Metal Collection:


Classic, rectangular, semi-rimless shape. The stainless steel block lowered along the front is combined with a single color over a metallic hue to create a light, sophisticated and feminine shape.


Round, semi-rimless panto design with a chic, retro style. Inspired by the 1950s. The stainless steel rim features bright, metallic colors that elegantly stand out alongside the matte frame front surface.


Classic, oversized square shape with a young, retro feel. Made from a stainless steel block, a laminate in sophisticated colors is applied above the brow


Round shape with a discrete cat eye and a chic, retro feel. Made from a stainless steel block that stands out for the elegant laminates applied above the rims


Trendy panto shape. Retro style with a young feel. The bright acetates on a light, stainless steel block makes this frame stand out


Classic, oversized square shape with an elegant, retro feel. With a strong personality, this design is made of a stainless steel block in bright colors combined with a laminate above the brow


Classic rectangular shape with a youthful look, made from a stainless steel block and combined with vibrantly-colored laminates above the rims

Classic, semi-rimless shape with a masculine feel and a sporty air. Made of a stainless steel block that is defined by a classic and vibrant color range in a matte finish



Xavier Garcia – Character Barcelona.


collection XAVIER GARCIA SILMO 2018

14 novembre 2018

Xavier Garcia’s new collection is all about the material. The colours and shapes of the frames work together to form timeless pieces. Each frame is an object of design, created with a delicate combination of the contemporary and the classic.

Xavier Garcia embraces the work of an artisan where a set of multiple laminates and volumes are melted together with superb craftsmanship. Playing with the volumes and architecture, he fuses past references into new models, resulting in new vision of long-lasting trends. The flexibility of the acetate alongside the rigidity of the metal ensures each item in the collection is enduring, lightweight and easy to wear, as well as faithful to its strong personality.






Xavier Garcia – Character Barcelona.

collection de lunettes XAVIER GARCIA

20 juillet 2018

NEW LOGO XG 2015 _low




Reinventing the Classics
Xavier Garcia continues to hit the refresh button on heritage and iconic styles. The XG Summer Collection welcomes new creations characterized by unique metal structures, reminiscent of Barcelona´s continuous striving for innovation.
The new collection features a palette of translucent single-colours in the temples. Your new summer companions aim to turn heads, boasting timeless yet gorgeous shapes. We love the wire-framed fronts combined with warm and vibrant colours in the temples.
Xavier Garcia Barcelona eyewear is lightweight for maximum wearing comfort and fits like a tailored suit.


Less is more
Our summer collection is a minimalist dream. Volume and proportion are dominating concepts.
Your wardrobe basics for the summer come in translucent lovely shapes. We have created pieces of art that last beyond the season.
Fusing traditional and new technologies, we have created a timeless and exquisite acetate collection for you to fall in love with.


collection de lunettes solaires CALAMR et SEPIA par XAVIER GARCIA

6 janvier 2017


This Autumn / Winter 2016, Xavier Garcia has incorporated « Vermouth » into his SUN collection with two new models. For the first time, designs made with metal are being introduced to the sunglasses collection. Two models from the SKIN collection (that play with metal sheets called « skins »): CALAMAR (Ø55) a revised version of one of the classic, universal sunglasses models: the aviator style. AND SEPIA (Ø51), for women, which is a trendy round style with a double bridge.Xavier Garcia collections express traditional values blended with elements of contemporary style; in fact, the brand sculpts and remodels the eyewear classic shapes with modern technologies and workmanship. Wearability, colours, subtle nuances, deconstruction and reconstruction are some of the key words associated with the Spanish brand.


Each piece of eyewear becomes a piece of art, set apart by artistic experimentation with size and proportions. All the creations by Xavier Garcia are eminently comfortable; they fit in with urban life, are unmistakable and always sure to turn heads.


Xavier Garcia – Character Barcelona.

modèles de lunettes métal par XAVIER GARCIA

23 décembre 2016



Xavier Garcia’s Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 is bold and sophisticated. As part of the STRUCTURES family of metal-framed glasses, the Catalan brand adds three new models built out of STEEL BLOCKS: a structure that takes away the inner rims to produce neat designs that make lens mounting easier.

Reduction of the thickness frames and cut down of material on the bridge, the end pieces and the temples produce fine steel block designs that are lighter, more flexible and altogether more comfortable.


INÉS, the classical cat-eye design (Ø52) with smooth, rounded shape is affectionate and sensible. She avoids conflict and with her natural, sweet charm she soon manages to win over everyone’s trust. She seeks the peace and quiet of her house and cannot imagine a Sunday without an afternoon nap.


IRIS, the large, rounded shape (Ø51) with retro styling, featuring a shiny-matte, two-colour combination and a trendy pastel colour palette, is spontaneous and outspoken. An insatiable explorer, she loves to travel without making any plans and gets to know people with enviable ease. Her guilty pleasure: scraping out the remains of chocolate spread from the jar with one finger.