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January 2015 – A huge success at OPTI for the presentation of the new Robert Rüdger eyewear collection which is making a comeback on the international market thanks to the twenty-year licensing agreement between Area98 and the designer Rudi Himmelfreundpointner.
The historic Austrian brand in fact premiered in Munich 15 optical frames for men only featuring an understated and elegant style, full of personality.

“We’re excited about how the collection was received”, said Elisio Tessaro, Brand and Product Marketing Director of Area98. “Sales at the show went very well but the even more encouraging part is that we expect a further improvement during the year, thanks also to the official launch on the international market which will take place at the forthcoming Mido”.

Tessaro went on to say that “We were pleasantly surprised to see how the name Robert Rüdger is still very much present in people’s minds and that these same people liked the development in the style of the brand compared to the original one, with the introduction of noble materials such as horn, wood and titanium. Many ex Robert Rüdger customers visited the stand, although considerable interest was also seen above all from new opticians who had heard about the brand but did not know it personally”.

The key stylistic features of the 1990s, back from Robert Rüdger’s early period, are given a contemporary re-drafting, conferring on the Austrian brand a new appeal that is more in keeping with current trends. Colours are more subdued, cuts more classical, but we can recognise that obsessive attention to detail and that extreme quality of materials which include, as well as an exclusive acetate, the use of titanium, horn and wood.

Emblematic of this renewal, and a tribute to past stylistic research, is model RR001. This is an evolution in titanium and wood that combines lightness and style, whose vintage front comprises two off-centre circular lenses joined by a single metal bridge, completed by twin pads in wood and adjustable sidepieces in beta titanium with a wood sublimation coating. For this model only, a sunglasses version will be presented in limited edition.

A new avenue appears to open up for the brand, with the frame concept married into a discipline of strength and simplicity, in which the shocking colours of the past are tempered into more classic tones – black, tobacco, navy, brown – speaking of a more adult ‘I’, and the natural wood striations, the gleam of the titanium and the veining of the horn become an integral part of the accessory, as if printed or chromatic effects on its surface.

A striking example of this is model RR005, with its characteristic double-circle lenses, sculpted entirely in titanium, but softened by the wooden inserts in its sidepieces, or RR010, a wooden frame with a decisive top rim and horn sidepieces. Some frames display bold delicacy in their marriage of colour and materials, as in the case of RR011, where wood grain patterns provide the support for a modern black&blue contrast, or RR015, where horn ‘duels’ playfully with brick-red or electric blue wooden inserts on the sidepieces. Soberly adorning each frame, almost shyly, is the double-R logo in gold against a blue background, set in the temple tip of the sidepiece.

Whether the line is lean and modern – as with the titanium RR006, developed in fetching metallic tones, or luxury-class and classic – like RR014, for example, elegantly proposed wholly in horn – the the style of Robert Rüdger frames will always confer decisive fascination on their wearer, enhancing his class, charm and charisma.

RR001 col.01 RR006 col.01 RR010 col.02 RR011 col.02 RR014 col.03

Robert Rüdger eyewear produced by Area98, will be distributed on the German market from January 2015, going global from March. The collection is also to be accompanied by strong marketing and communication efforts relating to the production of POP tools such as catalogues, banners, window display cards and displays in lacquered wood as support for the professional sales network present throughout Germany.

ROBERT RÜDGER | Towards the end of the 1980s, three established Austrian designers – Robert Hüttmann, Rudi Himmelfreundpointner and Gerhard Lahner –, having attained a wealth of experience in creating eyewear collections for leading fashion brands, felt the need to introduce radical change into their creative lives and the eyewear scene of the period. Which is why they founded the Robert Rüdger brand in 1989, creating something never seen before on the market: the first completely Austrian-made brand of optical frames.
For men only, the Robert Rüdger collections soon made inroads thanks to the extravagant colours of its frames, created out of a combination of acetate and metal. The eccentric tones, conjoined with easy-to-wear forms, contributed to the rapidly spreading success of this Austrian-made eyewear across the German, Swiss and Dutch markets. Since 2004, the brand has been under the sole control of Rudi Himmelfreundpointner. And it was with him that in 2014 Area98 signed a twenty-year licensing deal for the Robert Rüdger brand, whose design, production and distribution it will run in conjunction with Himmelfreundpointner worldwide.

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