collection de lunettes KOMONO 2018





For their SS18 sunglasses collection, KOMONO celebrates Antwerp’s renowned aesthetic and unique fashion culture – and how this creative environment influences every piece they design. This season, KOMONO considers Antwerp as The Space Between, where classic and contemporary meet and the distinction between art and design fades. Shot entirely at Antwerp’s deSingel International Arts Campus, KOMONO uses the building’s organic flow between concrete and wood paneling as the perfect stage to highlight the collection’s bold materials, unique color blends, and minimalist design.

As the models move through the space, deSingel’s shifting textures enhance the warm acetates and cool steel. The building’s minimalist lines accent KOMONO’s latest sunglasses, showcasing their innovative materials and refined details.

Antwerp: The Space Between is a powerful collection, projecting KOMONO’s identity as a leading brand with a fresh, contemporary aesthetic.


Frosted Collection: Crisp and contemporary.

Whether in a glacier or snowflake, every ice crystal has crisp and unique beauty. Discover your own contemporary edge with the Frosted Collection. This clean design translates ice’s organic charm into a fresh form, featuring ice-white acetate frames, silver mirror lenses, and glimmering steel temples.

The Frosted Collection is available in three KOMONO styles: the Clovis, the Billie, and the new Robyn.


Sol Collection: Outshine the sun.

Inspired by the sun’s vibrant rays, KOMONO has created a new acetate pattern to expand their triple-layer repertoire. Joining the Tricolore and the Black Forest colorways, the Sol Collection is a true KOMONO exclusive. Its bold blend of warm yellow and sharp white brings a subtle glow to your personal style, with the deep oranges of the outer tortoise layer adding an unexpected final flourish. Outshine the sun with the Sol’s glowing triple-layer acetate.

This captivating new collection is available in two of KOMONO’s latest styles: the Maurice and the Cecile.


Tortoise Black Collection: Classic color with a contemporary twist.

Entirely new while warmly familiar, the Tortoise Black Collection takes a classic concept and refreshes it with innovative execution. This revision features a unique combination of fine tortoise-colored acetate and featherweight black steel that shows classic looks can serve contemporary style.

Experience the allure of contemporary tortoise in five KOMONO shapes, from the Robyn’s subtle lines to the Kandice’s bold look.


Clear Demi Collection: All black’s iconic style, with half the weight.

A true chameleon, this lighter approach to classic black sunglasses redefines the all-black look. Elevating the expected with a uniquely modern twist, The Clear Demi’s transparent patterns let your personality shine through with iconic style. Whether you prefer steel frames or full acetate shapes, discover this collection’s day-to-night versatility in a variety of KOMONO styles.

The Clear Demi Collection adds a light, iconic element to your look, whatever style you choose: the Clovis, the Boris, the Billie, the Gilles, the Vivien, the Stella, or the all-new Sam.


Marine Collection: Deep Blue.

The Marine Collection combines KOMONO’s signature flat frames and steel temples with arresting deep blue lenses that demand a second glance. Minimalist and bold, this collection evolves the game-changing Purple Rain’s confidence to create a look that’s at once daring and understated – and a striking final touch to any wardrobe.

The Marine Collection is available in four iconic KOMONO styles: the Monroe, the Taylor, the Lennon, and the Alex.

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