collection de lunettes KOMONO FW17 suite

The FW17 Crafted collection is a perfect blend of luxury, craftsmanship and design showcased in thirteen impeccably finished pieces of eyewear. This new collection features sunglasses that combine Italian acetate fronts with stainless-steel bridges and temples (The Clovis, The Boris and The Billie) as well as stainless-steel frames with acetate tips stylishly executed in contrasting colors (The Taylor, The Alex and The Monroe). All styles feature meticulous and refined construction, as well as polarized or CR39 lenses, also available in mirrored colors.

The Scarlet: strictly red.

The all-new Scarlet design is dazzling in the single color that cannot and will not be ignored. From tips to frame, everything about these sunglasses is strictly red. Their unique energy will never fail to add a touch of drama to your look. The Scarlet design is available in two styles: the bold Billie and the iconic Clovis.

The Boris: a confident classic.

Though new to the KOMONO roster, the Boris already looks – and feels – like a classic. Its confident and refined design is a cool compliment to just about any outfit. The Boris is available in two color stories: the iconic Tortoise and the lux Black Gold.

The Billie: a cat-eye for unique design.

Billie’s feline and feminine curves are a stylish new addition to KOMONO’s minimalist, classic catalogue. These sunglasses are a modern reinterpretation of the retro cat-eye design, and are a perfect way to raise a playful eyebrow to any surprise life throws your way. The Billie is available in three distinct – and stunning – colorways: saturated Scarlet, luxurious Black Gold, and iconic Tortoise Black.

Racer White Series: stay reckless.

Nearly reckless in its intensity, and with highly saturated colors, the Racer White series is only just contained by the minimal curves of the Alex and Taylor styles. Each aspect of these sporty sunglasses goes all out: the frame and temples are stark white, the tips a fiery red, and the lenses deep blue. The Racer White design makes a uniquely colorful – and irresistibly bold – statement.

The Rose Gold Series: gold blush.

With its luxurious, rosy glow the Rose Gold series shows just how complex and refined a single color can be. Using a subtle variation of rose gold hues across the tips, temples, and lenses themselves, this flattering and graceful new color story is available in three classic KOMONO styles: Alex, Monroe, and Taylor.


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