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collection de lunettes FLEYE Copenhagen 2019

7 juin 2019
New Signature Packshots Ready for Download

Referring to FLEYEs annual campaign, which is dedicated to the « Flowers of Denmark »,  we have been successfully launching our new Signature Collection in Milan last weekend. Signature for SS19 comes in 8 sets in two colours, each consisting of one optical and one sunglasses frame – linked through material, shape and attitude.

We have been asked to provide more images – so here you go!


collection de lunettes KLiiK Denmark Juillet 2018

6 juillet 2018

KLiiK denmark July 2018 releases

KLiiK denmark launches 3 new styles for Summer 2018 that blend innovative constructions, attractive color combinations and original finishes. Taking its direction from the clean, modern aesthetic of Danish design, each style is subtle while offering a unique, edgy look perfect for those requiring smaller eye sizes. All July releases are featured in the new KLiiK denmark campaign.

Featuring a round retro shape, metal frame K-621 won’t go unnoticed thanks to its original construction: three eye rims are soldered together onto a monoblock front and highlighted with contrasting double stripes. To complete the look, a rich epoxy lacquer is applied over the frame for a luxurious, ultra-shine finish. K-621 is available in four color combinations of wine cream coral, brown taupe lavender, black grey turquoise and grey white mint.

With a modified square shape, women’s style K-623 is an interesting combination frame. The marble acetate of the front unveils an embedded metal inlay at the browline to the end piece peaks through the top edge. Completed by matching metal temples in pearl finish, this style comes in navy silver, brown gold, black gun and burgundy rose.

Women’s style K-624 uniquely combines a squared off round shape with a custom lamination. Beveling along the browline and the end pieces gives a three dimensional look while revealing the bottom acetate layer for a full view of the colorful, translucent tortoise acetate of this frame, which is offered in vivid hues of cobalt, fuchsia, black and brown.

KLiiK denmark is produced by WestGroupe; for more information please visit

collection de lunettes FLEYES COPENHAGEN été 2018

3 juillet 2018
Lobster campaign photographed by Josephine Svane.
Lobster-liscious for Spring/Summer’18
Lobster is a limited edition sunglasses frame inspired by our smørrebrød concept. The style emphasises the meticulous craftsmanship, sculpted volumes and the iconic playfulness that FLEYE Copenhagen is known for.

Handcrafted from sleek beta-titanium for a super light and extremely comfortable sunglasses frame. Lobster is from our exclusive Signature Collection available at selected opticians and stores only.

collection de lunettes EVATIK 2017

20 décembre 2017

EVATIK Fall 2017 Collection



Masculine styling, sophisticated patterns, textural details, and subtle pops of color provide a clean yet modern look to the new EVATIK Fall 2017 releases. Inspired by the latest eyewear trends, the new collection offers round and angular shapes with refined, contemporary design elements that cleverly combine uncompromised engineering with an understated sense of luxury to appeal to today’s modern man. 


Constructed from Mazzucchelli gradient acetate, EVATIK E-9152 features a retro eye shape inspired by 1970s styling. The solid color along the brow blends harmoniously with a smoky pattern, creating textural depth; while the decorative rivets on the end piece adds detail to the clean design. The custom engraved OBE UNO flex hinge provides for a discreet logo. E-9152 is available in dashing hues of Brown, Blue and Black.


EVATIK E-9153 is clean and minimalistic thanks to a thin stainless steel profile and beveled edged brow, providing a timeless and light result. The intricate, textural temple finish is created by acid etching, which gives a luxurious feel to the frame. Carefully selected pops of color on the inside front and temples offer a contemporary and sporty aesthetic. E-9153 is available in sporty color combinations of Brown Orange, Navy Blue and Black Red.


For those men looking to make a statement, EVATIK E-9154 fits the bill. Inspired by the fashion trend of contrasting patterns, a diamond etched pattern across the brow and temples seamlessly flow into a linear pattern for an updated and eye-catching, textured look. Both patterns are clean and precise thanks to state of the art laser cutting. Modern and masculine, E-9154 features a rectangular eye shape, 5-barrel hinges for a secure and lasting fit, and is offered in classic hues of Black Graphite, Brown Black and Navy Graphite.


EVATIK E-9155 plays with acetate contrasts. The solid color along the brow and temple is coupled with a translucent bottom eye rim providing a bold and modern twist to the crystal trend seen all over the runways this season. The square shape and the dropped bridge create a downtown geek-chic look that will suit a variety of face shapes. The custom engraved OBE UNO flex hinge provides for a discreet logo. Available colors include Tort Crystal, Navy Crystal and Black Crystal.


EVATIK E-9156 capitalizes on the continued popularity of round frames as well as the new-found demand for metals. Combining Japanese mono-block titanium front with beta titanium temples, E-9156 is strong, corrosion-resistant, hypoallergenic and extremely lightweight. A laser cut split temple adds a subtle touch to an otherwise clean design while a custom titanium end cap on the temple tips is engraved with an “E”, providing a discreet logo. This modern take on a retro look is available in Black, Grey and Brown Taupe.


Designed around a custom hinge, EVATIK E-9166 and E-9167 exude sleek sophistication. Fronts are constructed from a single block of stainless steel, eliminating the need for soldering and providing a stronger, more aesthetically pleasing design. A thin, pinstripe design is laser etched into the temples and the raised temple décor helps to highlight the custom hinge. Two-tone coloring ensures a high fashion look. E-9166 offers a modern twist on the timeless oversized aviator, an iconic design reminiscent of the 70’s that is making a big impact for the Fall/Winter season. The square, contoured shape has a step-down along the double brow bar, which is achieved through a precise laser etching technique, creating an interesting design element. Available colors include Black Red, Navy Black and Brown Black. E-9167 has a slightly more sporty appeal due to its rectangular eye shape, which provides an effortlessly masculine look. Navy Gun, Black Red and Grey Blue are the color options for this frame.


EVATIK is produced by WestGroupe; for more information please visit or



collection de lunettes KIYOSHI TAKUMI

8 septembre 2017


collection de lunettes XAVIER GARCIA 2016

28 novembre 2016


Xavier Garcia for Autumn-Winter 2016-17 adds three new designs to the SKIN collection. The metal family Structures continues to experiment and complete the offer with new vintage styles and retro moods: metal foils called « skins » create unique designs that are full of character and energy.
The Structures family – inspired by minimalist architecture – is expanding with the models JANET, JOANA and LAREDO.

Xavier Garcia_janet_c02_f_2016.jpg

JANET is diligent and refined. She stands out for her energetic high-heeled stride and the gentle scent of exotic flowers and spices that wafts behind her as she passes by. She never takes the lift (this is her secret way of staying in shape). A 50s-style cat-eye (Ø54) shape with the half rim that makes the model light while the low-rising frame allows the “skins” at the top to highlight her expressive eyebrows.

Xavier Garcia_joana_c02_f_2016.jpg

JOANA is her opposite: punctilious and generous. She loves entertaining guests and everyone knows she makes a great hostess. She treasures the dozens of skirts in her wardrobe, painstakingly mixing and matching them every day. Her greatest indulgence: carrot cake. A shape that combine design large round rims (Ø52) where the outer “skin” emphasises the top of the frame, making it big, slightly feline and with a distinctly retro styling.

Xavier Garcia_laredo_c04_f_2016.jpg

The latest model LAREDO is robust and peace-loving. He looks tough on the outside, but is soft and gentle on the inside. His broad vocabulary reveals his passion for knowledge. He is a jazz lover and enjoys watching black and white movies. Characterized by the large rectangular shape (Ø57) where the “skins” reinvent the classic design of JFK-style combination glasses.
Xavier Garcia collections express traditional values blended with elements of contemporary style; in fact, the brand sculpts and remodels the eyewear classic shapes with modern technologies and workmanship. Wearability, colours, subtle nuances, deconstruction and reconstruction are some of the key words associated with the Spanish brand.

Each piece of eyewear becomes a piece of art, set apart by artistic experimentation with size and proportions. All the creations by Xavier Garcia are eminently comfortable; they fit in with urban life, are unmistakable and always sure to turn heads.

Xavier Garcia – Character Barcelona.

nouvelle collection de lunettes FYSH UK

15 novembre 2016

FYSH UK Fall 2016 Collection

FYSH UK launches 7 new styles for Fall 2016 that effortlessly merge the latest trends in eyewear with the hottest looks seen on the fashion runways. A key inspiration for this season’s collection came from the innovative and unique ways that individual elements of design can be combined to produce a final result that is interesting, fresh and new. Whether it is the mixing of materials, finishes or patterns, the result is a collection of eye‑catching styles that are as unique and original as the women who wear them.

F-3559 is an interesting twist on a retro-inspired design. Contrasting with the oversized eye shape, the ultra-thin, high density acetate in multi-colored pastel hues appears light, modern and fresh. Capitalizing on the current trend of mixed material, a thin, silver metal inlay wraps around the acetate front providing a unique design element. F-3559 is available in a color palette of Green Confetti, Rainbow Confetti, Blue Confetti and Lavender Confetti.


F-3560 is a combination frame featuring a beveled, stainless steel front with thin, triple laminate handmade acetate temples. The deep, rich color palette is perfect for the fall season and captures many of the hues highlighted in the fall 2016 Pantone color picks. Available colors include Brown Gold, Purple Rose, Turquoise Blue and Black Cherry.


The mixing of patterns and solids was the focus for FYSH UK models F-3561 and F-3564. Inspired by the New Romanticism trend seen on the fall fashion runways, both models feature two-tone coloring combined with a baroque accent pattern on the front and temples.

F-3561 is a sexy, feminine cat-eye with the baroque pattern applied on the temples and scalloped edge, providing an interesting twist on color blocking. The rich, matte tones on the front are reminiscent of velvet, which is a key fashion trend for fall 2016. F-3561 is available in Cherry Orange, Violet Green, Teal Rose and Black Sky.


F-3564 has a more angular eye shape with the baroque pattern applied on the upper corners and temples. A bold accent color introduces color blocking to the design. F-3564 is available in Brown Aqua, Cherry Orange, Purple Charcoal and Teal Orchid.


F-3562 amps up the drama of this cat-eye shape with a triple laminate acetate and a pressed pattern along the brow and temples. The subtle touch of glitter on the front and temples adds glamour to the style. F‑3562 is available in hues of Ombre Tangerine, Ombre Teal, Ombre Blue and Ombre Purple.


The centerpiece of the FYSH UK fall collection is model F-3565, a sexy cat-eye shape with a modern, angled silhouette. Constructed from translucent acetate interwoven with metallic thread, F-3565 mixes quiet luxury with a techno edge. Each color has a different pattern which provides a unique look to the model. With metallic hues popular in both fashion and eyewear, F-3565 is sure to be a best seller. Colors include Crystal Gold, Crystal Silver, Crystal Rose and Crystal Black.


F-3566 introduces a modern take on the classic cat-eye. The flattering brow line gives this retro shape a futuristic twist while the increased depth provides a touch of glam. Ultra-thin, high density acetate provides for a clean, modern silhouette, while the silver metal inlay highlights the multi-colored handmade acetate and provides an interesting hardware design element. F-3566 is available in a color palette of Black, Tropic Mauve, Tropic Brown and Tropic Green.

FYSH UK is produced by WestGroupe; for more information please visit or

Nouvelle collection de lunettes solaires HACKETT

19 août 2015

The lenses, the spring hinges, the acetates; every gram of each Hackett Bespoke Sunglass has been carefully crafted using only the finest parts, materials and techniques. Whilst colouration is classical, the styling is never old fashioned. The fit is immaculate, the finishes impeccable; this is great British eyewear at its most authentic.

2015 will see the launch of the first Hackett UTX sunglasses. HSB838 as worn by Jeremy Hackett on the catwalk features graduated faded acetate with a retro nod. With this new innovative UTX technology, Hackett Bespoke Sun offers the finest acetate frames on the market today. 30% lighter than normal and half the thickness of a regular frame, weighing only a few grams meaning more comfort and leaves no marks. .

Introducing new lightweight silhouettes combined with vintage inspired eyeshapes as seen in HSB835, details are authentic with real riveted hinges and metal endpieces. Each handmade frame is fitted with anti reflective reverse coated lenses for a flawless finish..image image image

Nouvelle collection de lunettes optique par HACKETT

18 août 2015

One thing Hackett prides itself on is never compromising on style, and the new SS15 Bespoke UTX Optical collection is certainly a visual treat. The finest handmade acetates, authentic metal riveted hinges and carefully crafted finishes have been combined to create the new modern classics.

From sandblasted matte finishes layered with gloss interiors to rich honey tortoiseshells and contrasting navy fronts in HEB146, all feature that final flourish with custom Union Jack hidden trims.

Drawing inspiration from timeless tailoring, every piece represents sophistication and luxury while maintaining the very essence of British tradition; vintage styling comes together with classic panto eyeshapes and handcrafted amber and olive horn acetates in HEB148 finished with a touch of gentlemanly charm.

Invest in ageless style with eyewear that’s sure to see you through the season.image image image

Nouvelle collection de lunettes TED BAkER EYEWEAR

15 août 2015


This season sees the launch of Ted’s top notch acetate.
Half the thickness of regular glasses, Ted’s carefully handcrafted UTX (Ultra Thin Xyl)
frames are 30% lighter than noimagermal and weighing only a few grams, they leave no marks.
One should leave an impression for the right reasons, after all.

Proving there is more to Ted than meets the eye, his Men’s Optical collection is the stuff of daydreams.
Striking color blocks of bold forest green and deep red hues featured in DENNY TB8120 are finished in ultra fine handmade UTX acetate.
The season’s smart yet stylish look is full of retro styling with metal front pins and diamond temple tip details.

Whilst Ted showcases his true colours with his signature prints in HEWITT TB4239.
Inky shades of grey and black are layered with paisleys and geometric prints in this classic combination frame,
ensuring a double take wherever you may wander.
Handcrafted acetates in luxury finishes, signature prints and metal trims
all congregate in the new men’s sun collection.

Sandblasted matte finish acetates are mixed and matched with Ted’s signature prints in JAMESON TB1351
all finished with an inlaid metal rimwire and hidden trims.

Retro eyeshapes and classic keyhole bridge detailing in BRANNON TB1355
is given a modern twist with contrasting crystal acetate temples featuring two-tone lamination.
Seeing is believing after all.